Washington! by dibzgreasley


Honeymoon stop 2 - Washington!
A whirlwind trip around the world for their honeymoon!
Dabelle seems to be enjoying herself. Perhaps Larry is having withdrawal symptoms from coffee which he normally takes everywhere?
No need to comment, I'm just having a little fun and trying to get inspired!
Love 😍 it. Fav!! 😀
November 5th, 2017  
Love this romantic serial. It's fun.
November 5th, 2017  
I like Dabelle fiery red clothes. And capes - so romantic.
November 6th, 2017  
@golftragic @888rachel @carolmw

Thanks for commenting on my funny little series ladies.
November 6th, 2017  
Well, I guess I've been out of touch with your project for a while!
November 10th, 2017  
Thanks for the visits and comments, Ann. I don't think I really have a project anymore, I cannot find inspiration! But it may come back in December when I'm not working.
November 15th, 2017  
@dibzgreasley I have had some pretty busy spells this year and have fallen behind a few times. When I'm busy I don't feel like doing the daily shot, but I've come to the conclusion that I have plenty of shots in my archives and I have the freedom to draw from them whenever I choose. You've been on some wonderful trips recently, so use those pictures and don't worry about the inspiration. Sometimes I think we overthink it- and put too much pressure on ourselves to be "creative" all the time. Like the earth in winter, we need seasons of rest for our creativity. Let your creativity take a rest for a while and have fun with things you have posted yet in the meantime. MHO!
November 16th, 2017  
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