Taking street photography back to the street

posted April 20th, 2013
I use to work with this photographer - Phil Maxwell - and have used his company a few times for a few short videos work required

Some decent street stuff from Spitalfields, Brick Lane and the surrounding area...


Some of the links at the foot of the article are worth a look - Although I'm sure my Brick Lane stuff is better than his :-)

His: http://spitalfieldslife.com/2011/07/24/phil-maxwells-brick-lane/
Mine: http://365project.org/andycoleborn/tags/brick%20lane

And I'll be telling him next time I see him too lol
posted April 20th, 2013
I would have to agree some of your stuff is as good as or better than his!
posted April 20th, 2013
they good but they both hard to tell who better because they both different ,different times and they both worth the praise, why don't you do a book of them! join them together as a film which be great to see, because it's a pain trying to click on each thumb nail, because i love to go through them but they not easy because they not link. thanks for sharing your wonderful work

posted April 20th, 2013
@andycoleborn Yours are definitely better! Amazing to see how similar scenes are repeated over time. Only been there once (at night for a curry!) it looks a fascinating world in daytime!
posted April 20th, 2013
Very interesting to do some comparison. I think Phil Maxwell shoots more from the hip, many of his photos are from lower perspective and the horizon is tilted. I think this way he also gets a bit more closer to the subjects, if you can make this kind of generalization from so many different photos.

I wouldn't say your photos are better than his. I also wouldn't say his photos are better than yours, but I do prefer them a little bit. It might be the feeling of old times, the fact that they are shot with film or that they seem to have a bit less disturbing elements in composition.
posted April 20th, 2013
Andy your photos of Brick Lane as a collection is a fascinating body of work mate! Certainly worthy of a gallery showing or book.
posted April 20th, 2013
@grammyn @filsie65 @jonikantonen @michaelelliott @justjim thanks guys... I was probably a bit more cheeky than I would be have been if I didn't know Phil... :-).. But Jim you are right, it's a shame there isn't an easier way on this site to review tagged pics...
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