60 Amazing Tilt Shift Photographs

posted February 15th, 2011
I wanted to share this article from omgshot.com


I was introduced to tilt shift a few weeks ago by @Wrighty who uses http://tiltshiftmaker.com

What are your thoughts on Tilt Shit?

Any photos of your own photos you want to share...

posted February 15th, 2011
posted February 15th, 2011

posted February 15th, 2011

posted February 15th, 2011
I've done a lot of iphone tiltshift shots and its very enjoyable :) But I'd rather use photoshop for that effect than that website. Gotta shootr some shorts for SLR too to tilt :)
posted February 15th, 2011
This is my fake tilt-shift shot.
posted February 15th, 2011
@ulkuniemi be nice to know how its done on PS.

@andrewdearling FAB shots...I love tilt-shifts, but then I do love minature things in most forms!! I'm gonna have a go with the sw online and onbe of my shots of Venice I think. I'll be back!
posted February 15th, 2011
Just done this:

posted February 15th, 2011
Here's my punter but some of these others are amazing! Think maybe I should keep a bit more blurryness.
posted February 16th, 2011
posted February 19th, 2011
@judithg I really like that photograph! It is very simple but moving. The blurriness is good as is. More would be too much I think.
posted February 20th, 2011
It is funny but it is the only style of photo I have seen so far that I really don't like, it looks too unreal, toytown'ish for me. I appreciate how clever it is but... not for me.
posted February 28th, 2012
in love with tiltshift... it's so much fun. maybe it has something to do with how much i love miniature sets, though? a few from me:

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