posted February 12th, 2018
I’m looking for some followers to help me get better with my photography. I enjoy feedback and look forward to meeting fellow 365ers and learning from you.
posted February 12th, 2018
You got it!
posted February 12th, 2018
Welcome to 365, a fantastic worldwide community of avid photographers!!.

You'll probably find that as you comment and give feedback on photographs, those photographers will probably return the complement and then may then follow you. Taking part in competitions and themes will also introduce you to a wider audience with quite variety of preferred genres and skills and all are generous in their support and tips!

Enoy your project, I'll drop in on you every now and then!

posted February 12th, 2018
@30pics4jackiesdiamond thank you for the advice
posted February 13th, 2018
I second Jackie's advice. This is a very welcoming community but you will get more out of it once members know you are here. That will only happen when they see your profile pop up on their feed or in challenges. Don't get discouraged - like anything worthwhile in life, it does take time but it will happen!
posted February 13th, 2018
@farmreporter thank you
posted February 16th, 2018
there is a different view-point to your followers request - I did 4 years on Blipfoto ( similar to this site) - and I found it too demanding to answer all the comments. I'm very happy now on this site just to continue with a photo a day without having to spend endless time answering the comments. I think one can be driven by the comments and not the main point of it - getting our and taking pictures. The process can become like face-book if you're not careful - just a thought.
rgds M/P
posted March 5th, 2018
Hi MissyAnn
I am by no means a great photographer but will offer you a little constructive criticism. I looked back through your project and felt there was not a clear message of what you were trying to say. I did not always get why you took the photo. The boys playing hockey (?) through the chainlink. If you had composed it so that the boys were framed by a square of fencing, it would have made a better photo. Another one at the playing field, a lamppost obscured the boys, so more careful composing would have improved it. On the plus side, the ferris wheel is a great photo! Also look at the Popular page everyday and examine why those photos are there, what makes them stand out? It will help you to develop your eye. Hope this helps!
posted March 5th, 2018
@redandwhite thank you for your advice
posted March 15th, 2018
v w
im looking for followers to help me improve too as im new here also :)
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