comments please

March 19th, 2018
been doing several sunset shots lately and my mind is going blank as to the quality of them. I just reprocess one from late October and am undecided as if it is really a good or just another sunset shot,
comments please

March 19th, 2018
I think it's quite spectacular -primarily because of the color combination and the stark contrast between the cool blues and the fiery red. You don't see that often. I also like that the reflection adds a "bonus" here.

Process-wise, I would have straitened it just a tiny bit (looks leaning to the left for me). I personally might have cropped a bit away on the bottom and on the right, but it's just personal preference. Or I would have tried to pull out the shadows a bit from the water , so that it mimics the sky for a more "perfect" reflection (color-wise).

But I really like the colors. I hope it helps.
March 20th, 2018
You can't beat a good sunset! I think it's lovely too - the colours in the sky are bright and make a great contrast with the landline. The reflection is a bonus and a good one at that!
I'd be delighted to see and capture this!
Processing wise I think it's great...I've held edges up to the left and bottom to see if cropping it improves it but I think the darker sides give it a good contrast and help to set the picture if that makes sense.
Hope that helps :)
April 28th, 2018
Hi, i Like the colors very saturated and reflections. I think i would Crop the image... But in My opinion What really lacks IS a main subject or a Point of interest
January 22nd, 2019
It is very spectacular, but personally, I feel the sunset is a tad over saturated. I would think about cropping on the bottom to make it a bit more of a panoramic photo but not too much as the darkness acts as a frame pushing the eye into the photo. Also, I would try to lift the shadow areas a bit as the blacks look blocked to me.. Cannot really agree with the above comment as the sunset is the main subject - it is so intense that you would be hard to miss it. Whether the sky has more interest or the reflections will help decide on the end composition as often, it is not necessarily best to have the horizon in the middle.
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