Fujifilm Instax mini 7 or Polaroid 300 Instant Camera?

posted January 10th, 2012
I really want to buy a polaroid-esque camera, but not sure which one would be better... it's between these two:



Does anyone here own one or know someone who owns one?? Which is better/cost-effective??

Thank you!! :)
posted January 10th, 2012
Hey did you see my latest picture post Keri - it's my first polaroid, someone just give me one for free. My answer to you then is........
since polaroid film is £40 for ten shots fo shiz, and fujifilm is still in production and better anyway. Don't buy nothing off amazon, get a 210 instax off ebay, but hang back and wait for one for around £25-£50 don't pay silly prices for this, you'll regret when you get the bill for the film, which even for the fuji is £8-£9 on amazon.
Dave x
posted January 10th, 2012
@chewyteeth Yes!! It's amazing!! kind of jealous! :P yeah i think i worked out the polaroid would be more expensive, but wouldn't it give better quality photos? ooh ebay- didn't think about that!! might check it out and see how much they are at the moment! is the 210 instax one of the older models??
Thanks for your help :)
posted January 10th, 2012
@chewyteeth great to see info from others! Some weeks ago I was about to buy a Polaroid camera from ebay but I was dampened by the price of films! Hope you'll post more pics :-)
posted January 10th, 2012
210 is shit-hot. its the larger, the minis print smaller I think. I don't have one but I've got my eyes peeled on ebay for one. If you don't mind an older one you'll get a fuji instax 100 for like £15 (or $22 I don't know which country you're in) and yes, the film print quality is better if amazon reviews are anything to go off. If you get polaroid 600 (don't know about 300) the film is made by some splinter group called th impossible project, and they reckon their product is pretty crap - I guess if the makers say hey it's crap, and then sell it to you for 8 photos for £25 ($35) then it's time to move across to Fuji (the best film producer anyway, across any camera format, in my eyes)
posted January 10th, 2012
I just clicked the link and saw you're after the mini. consider the bigger one for better prints, but check the mini on ebay too, if you hang on for a week I guarentee you'll get one for cheaper than amazon. eBay is chock full of cameras.
posted January 10th, 2012
At the end of the day the whole genre is a bit hit and miss so spend less, experiment more, if you get my meaning. Spend more and you'll be all bothered about being precious over your shots.
posted January 10th, 2012
@chewyteeth this bad boy? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fuji-Instax-210-instant-camera-film-used-once-UK-seller-/270888239692?pt=UK_Film_Cameras&hash=item3f1232824c#ht_923wt_80
I want one!!! and you're right, it's like half the price of the one on amazon... might put in a bid in a day or so...
posted January 10th, 2012
@kericherry oooh that's as good as new, it might go up in price quite a lot. keep an eye out. eBay rules for cameras but you have to be astute and know what they're worth. Good luck!!
posted January 10th, 2012
@kericherry Keri the Polaroid 300 and the Fuji Instax mini are the same camera. Polaroid has re badged it. Fuji has some interesting colour combinations of camera including chocolate, all white and piano black. But Dave is on the money with the wide format camera (210) its a great bit of kit and great fun. It is rather large though be prepared for a brick of a thing. http://365project.org/noo/365/2011-05-15 This is one of my fave photos I have ever taken and its wide format Fuji. A Fuji 100 is also available on ebay, possibly cheaper than the 210, but I dont think you can turn the flash off, it fires all the time.
posted January 11th, 2012
@noo @kericherry
but I was just looking at instant film on amazon and the fuji 100 film is £7.99 for ten, and people are saying in the review comments that they love using it in their polaroid land cameras and 340s. So maybe the cheaper still option would be to buy a £1 crappy polaroid land camera from a car boot sale and load it with fuji film. shame they don't work in the polaroid 600 ones. Denise is it possible to buy fuji film and load it into a polaroid 600 case in the darkroom?? I only think of it because I know you can load 35mm into a 126 case and i was trying it recently so it just made me think.
posted January 11th, 2012
@chewyteeth Hiya, Fuji 100 film is used in the larger folding cameras. Its a peel apart film not an 'integral' film. It cant be used in a cartridge for 600 cameras. Fuji wide format wont fit either. Completely different set up for development. Fuji exposes from the back and Polaroid from the front, dIfferent size formats etc. Some industrious tinkerers have 'franensteined' the two together but its not available commercially. http://www.rwhirled.com/landlist/landfaq.htm has all the answers to the camera models and what film they take. I have a few of the larger peel apart cameras but they are currently awaiting battery modification so I can use them again. (original battery: old, weird, hard to get, to AA's) Hope this helps. ~:)
posted January 8th, 2013
I have the smaller Fuji Instax and it is an absolute ton of fun - I received it as a gift. It does the credit-card sized photos. With the exception of a basic exposure setting, there are no customizable settings.

Fuji do a larger version - the instax 210, which have quite a few settings to play with for better results... it's sold for about £120 on amazon, however calumet do it for £55 - bargain!

Personally I like the small one, the body is small enough to carry around with me and the novelty of credit card sized photos has not worn off, haha.

The wider format one has a much bigger body which was not practical for me... although you do get bigger prints and potentially better results as there are more settings to play with.

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