Anti-Discrimination Project. Ideas?

posted January 23rd, 2012
Hi! Throughout the year, I'm planning to do an Anti-Discrimination series within my 366 for 2012. I know there's all kinds of discrimination out there, hate and shun and ignorance for whatever reason! But I don't believe there should be, in the end, we're ALL human, we're ALL imperfect, we ALL have opinions, and we ALL make mistakes. Just because we might disagree with someone on something important to us does not mean we should ridicule and belittle them. I'd like to know, if of course you're up to sharing, what kinds of discrimination you've experienced or know of, to see if there's anything else I can add to the project. Here are the kinds I've already written down and plan to do:

- Racial
- Religious
- Gender
- Sexuality
- Style
- Size
- Age
- Disabled/Able, suggested by Marilyn Wigen
- Income, suggested by Charli Chmylowskyj
- Ex Prisoners suggested by Jase

If there's anything you can think of that you'd like me to add to this, please, let me know!!! I'm hoping that this series will start something, or at the very least make a difference in the places I post it, and I'd love any help that I can get. And if you give me an idea, I'll credit you for the concept, of course, on here, and everywhere else I publish my work. :) Thank you!!!
posted January 23rd, 2012
I was just writing yesterday that I also want to do one.... :0

Great idea so I will be watching what feedback you receive.
posted January 23rd, 2012
@agima Awesome! :D Whoohoo, I got the idea for the Racial Equality back in December and about a week later, decided not to do that particular photo then, and to expand the idea and save it for the course of this year along with my charity project on deviantART. Yaayy!! Can't wait to see you start one, too! You come up with awesome ideas as it is, haha.
posted January 23rd, 2012
Ability/disability... One of my real pet peeves is the "r" word... and then having people excuse it with "Well, I didn't really mean it." There is a pretty wide range of disabilities from physical, to mental to a combination and a wide spectrum within each of those areas, so it could be quite a challenge. As for myself, the only thing I have experienced is after my hip replacement my experience using handicapped "facilities" made me realize that putting in a hand rail and posting a sign on the stall does NOT make it handicap accessible! Very low seats, toilet paper dispensers that were barely reachable to someone with limited mobility, seat cover dispensers on the opposite wall from the toilet... not very handicapped friendly... and I was not as limited as some are. It was a real eye opener!
posted January 23rd, 2012
@marilyn I'm glad you brought it up! I saw this photo on deviantART one day and really, really!!! wanted to add it into the project!! I couldn't really see how I would, though (I don't know anyone disabled, so I'm not sure how to accurately depict it), and I didn't want to offend anyone who did know disabled people. I personally don't like the "r" word myself, though of course I can't stop other people from using it. I do, however, tell people not to bother if they apparently "don't really mean it." Because then not only is it degrading and out of place, it's pointless as well, and only embarrasses the user, in my opinion. I'll definitely add it, though, knowing that it's wanted. I have pretty much an entire year to figure out the best way to convey it properly. :D ♥ Thank you, so much!
posted January 23rd, 2012
I saw a photo of someone dancing with someone where they had a wheel chair next to them and I thought it was a great photo and a great theme.

Mine will be in the format of having portraits showing them in a light that makes them strong and confident. It should be fun and the out come should also create awareness.
posted January 23rd, 2012
I hope you have seen this set of photo's currently going viral on facebook? Fits in to your theme perfectly!
posted January 23rd, 2012
Thought you could add
Mental illness
posted January 23rd, 2012
@agima Well there's one idea! That's one of the more delicate ones, though, and having no personal experience with anyone who is, I really want to approach it that way. Especially considering I've never done this type of project before. o.o

The first few are going to be kind of body painted self portraits since I have no friends or models here or anything. >.> lol Later on in the year, when I get back home and I'm around people again, I have a few different ideas in mind. Ranging from people being casual who are obviously different, to addressing the similarities in different things.

@charli321 Wow. I'm really surprised I didn't think about Rich vs Poor, even though I'm doing the charity on deviantART. OF ALL THINGS. Probably, though, because this idea stemmed from one typical type of discrimination. Marilyn did bring up Metal Illness/Health, though, and it's something I'm really going to have to work on getting just right. Thanks so much for that album, though, I actually haven't seen it or heard of it at all, yet!! It's perfect and great, thanks so much!
posted January 23rd, 2012
@charli321 thanks for sharing, this is fantastic and a great idea.

@toxicalice92 Ashley-Rahne you dont need to be at home or have models... These people are everywhere, you just need to look and ask.... :)

Its a great time to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and approach the people you want to photograph. You can call churches, community groups, go walking the street or contact your local charities... As long as you are sincere then all they can do is say no. :)
posted January 23rd, 2012
@agima lol I need to GO somewhere first, haha. That's the thing; We don't have the money to ever go out anywhere. We go shopping once a month, to the same place with the same people, and then we're usually in the house for 30 days straight, unless we go to that same place. o.o I can't wait to be back home and have a job agaaaiinn! T^T
posted January 23rd, 2012
Sounds like an interesting project, just a few thoughts...................

People with Addictions
The Unemployed
Mental Health, ah already mentioned :)
People who have been in prison
posted January 23rd, 2012
@toxicalice92 I have 2 girls that are considered disabled one has ADD the other is high Functioning autistic , they are both in mainstream schools and cope well with everyday life . My daughter who is autistic tries not to tell people what she is because the word seems to carry a stigma , I like to think of her as having a unique view of the world. Autistic people feel , see and react to our world in a unique manner, sometimes this means they have the ability to see something for what it can be rather than what they are told it is. I wish everyone had that ability because then the autism stigma would be gone .
posted January 23rd, 2012
@jasehoad Ohhh!! People in prison is a great one! People with addictions is another delicate one that I'll definitely have to think about, though. I think class and unemployed go along with the wealth/poverty that Charli mentioned earlier. Prison, though oooohhhh. Perfect, perfect. :D
posted January 23rd, 2012
@tammeray So true.

@jasehoad great ideas
posted January 23rd, 2012
@tammeray Hmm.... You know, that actually gives me an idea, then!! Now that you say that, it makes me think of that new show "Touch" about a father and his Autistic son premiering in March. His son is perfectly capable and normal and sees things and how the world is connected; One of the things it mentions is that his father takes notices and listen to one of his quirks and saves a bus load full of children. With that kind of envisionment in mind, I think I have a great idea. Thanks, so much for telling me about your wonderful children!!! I also wish that more people could see something the way you described your daughter does; I think people would have a lot more motivation and be more open minded.
posted January 23rd, 2012
Such a beautiful idea! I'm looking so forward to following your project and watch it unfold. I'm a caucasian American, my husband is an Arab and together we live in Kuwait. To us it's no big deal, we're people from different culture and backgrounds but fell in love and are truly happy. Most people, including our families, are very supportive and loving. However, there are certain areas in Kuwait where we're viewed as an 'interracial couple' and this is somewhat frowned upon still. We often notice people staring, giving us dirty looks, and even making derogatory comments which we just laugh about later.
Though we're very fortunate other people's hatred hasn't hindered our lives -- it's a shame this time of distaste for people based on skin color, culture, etc. still exists. Again, I look very forward to following your project.
posted January 23rd, 2012
I guess this is more about prejudice than discrimination, but...

My experience:
My first semester of college I had to adjust to other's perceptions/ fears of my epilepsy. Much to my embarrassment I would sometimes have seizures in class and later worry about it. There were often whispers as I passed by people in my classes. The worst was a day in the cafeteria. I was turning in my dishes and a group of freshmen guys caught my eye. Two of them were pretending to have seizures why the others laughed at them and me. It hurt tremendously. Mostly because I hated myself for losing control and being vulnerable in front of people.

For people with disabilities we smetimes have to deal with negative perceptions of ourselves as we are dealing with the prejudice of others at the same time.
posted January 23rd, 2012
@toxicalice92 mental health is one that I know people have felt discriminated in...both by the govt's of their countries and by public perception of mental health illnesses. Some people won't get treatment for depression because they fear the stigma. (already suggested)

Pregnancy- some countries have laws banning discrimination against pregnant women and employers....but I know it still goes on, just more subtly. A few years back a lady I cared for was sent a letter telling her she'd been sacked because she was pregnant.....these days it'd be worded differently but it still happens.

posted January 23rd, 2012
You don't necessarily have to have specific people with disabilities in the photos. Ask people for stories (such as those you have above) and find ways to tell those stories in a photograph.

In late November I tried to photograph how it feels to have a seizure. I want to try again because I don't feel that it was entirely successful. I was trying to photograph something words can't really express. I'm sure you can do it.

This was my first attempt:

posted January 23rd, 2012
i suggest at least one on nikon / canon for a humerous break from serious side, weight comes to mind as well.
posted January 23rd, 2012
Being popular/quiet

This was one I found challenging when I was at school. I wanted to fit the with popular crowd, but never managed it and it took a while before I accepted who I am. Maybe one that affects a lot of people without it necessarily being something that people think/talk about.
posted January 23rd, 2012
@wormentude Being a teacher this came to mind quickly as well.

I immediately thought about school discrimination that leads towards bullying. Social classes in schools, IQ discrimination both ways.

And also heard a report recently (can't remember where) about good looks helping you go farther in the work place than education/training/experience. The "hotter" you are the less training you need to climb up the corporate ladder. Conversely the "less hot" you are the better trained/educated you have to be.

Would love to see the results of your project. Love the idea.
posted January 23rd, 2012
@denezi Thanks so much, that's actually a wonderful idea! I did have discrimination based on sexual orientation in and another based on colour, but I guess because I've never really seen discrimination against "interracial couples," it just didn't occur to me.

@herussell First - I love your photo depicting epilepsy. To be very honest, I don't know what it's like, but I did have I friend in the church I grew up in who was epileptic as well. She never had seizures incredibly often, so I knew her for about three years before I found out, and by that time I was 8. She told me that sometimes her body would just seize up and shake and she'd be confused and couldn't do anything about (so your question marks are great!), and after that, we just always hung out and talked as we normally did, I even forgot sometimes now she has epilepsy because it didn't matter. I can't imagine what you must have felt like going through college and seeing that, and I'm so glad it seems that it hasn't hindered you artistically, or in Life. I'm glad you were able to succeed in what you set out to do, despite others in the world being very cruel. I think you may have given me an idea to do for that aspect of discrimination, however it's still something I want to approach very lightly. When it comes to it, I'm not really sure how to handle it or anything, but I'm definitely going to do it. :D ♥♥♥

@voodoochild Pregnancy's definitely one I didn't think about. I have seen in certain countries where people are getting illegal sonograms and illegal abortions if they find out their child is a girl, but then again that goes along with gender. I've never heard of discrimination about actually being pregnant, though. That's something I'll have to add in. That's just terrible. Someone shouldn't be punished for human nature. Also, what if someone had been raped and didn't know? They have NO control over that, and ripping away their livlihood? That's just terrible.

@cchambers Haha, that's a great one!! Good idea to have a break from huge, serious issues and just have fun with one. And I have a pefect idea for that one, thank you so much!!! XD

@wormentude Hmm, you're right, I don't think people think about that one too often. I never exactly saw any difference in my schools, people didn't care, it was more the colour/style that caused disturbances. BUt you're right, it is there and there are places where it's an issue, and it's something I'll have to put it, thank you!!

@geocacheking You have given me a perfect idea that I can envision right and can't wait to do when I get back home, and my friends will probably love it and identify with it perfectly. Thank you, thank you!!!!
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