gif disaster - any ideas?

posted March 19th, 2017
i'm not sure i'm going to be able to explain this... i put together a gif image that works fine in photoshop and in my finder folder..

but when i load it to 365 and it look at it from my feed, it looks bizarrely awful... and weirder yet, when i click on it to go to my project page, it goes completely wonky... i tried loading to flickr and it looks bizarre there as well - in a totally different way... it's difficult to explain, but... it's like not all the layers or layer styles came over when i loaded to 365 and flickr... on 365 it's like one of the layers got inverted and extruded... and then when i click on it, it's like all but one of the layers disappears... on flickr, one of the layers got bigger and wondered off the frame...

quel mess!

any ideas of what might have gone so disastrously wrong?

(for the record, it looks ok on instagram, but the gif isn't working... sigh)
posted March 19th, 2017
here is a collage of the various views...

bottom right is what the image is supposed to look like (but it's a gif, so the snow moves)... it looks like this on instagram too... no animation...

top left is what it looks like in my feed on 365... top right is what it looks like when i view from my project, and bottom left is what it looks like on flickr...

posted March 19th, 2017
mike @mikegifford and i had a gif that was doing totally weird stuff too... when uploaded on 365 , from memory it was only showing a thumbnail sized single frame, couldnt figure it out, tried redoing it several ways and seemed to be some setting buried in photoshop somewhere, eventually i started from scratch with fresh versions of the frames and got it to work, so sorry but i cant point to a single remedy, but try try again??
posted March 19th, 2017
very cool idea!
posted March 19th, 2017
@kali66 txKali... yes - I will try rebuilding again... just so blinking frustrating!
posted March 19th, 2017
I know very little about PS but maybe if you try flattening the finished image and saving under a different name. Then you still have the ability to change it and maybe flattening will enable you to upload to 365? If that makes sense
posted March 19th, 2017
I remember having a similar problem when I first tried posting a gif. I think it had something to do with the way it was saved. Something about 8 bit, 16 bit etc springs to mind but I wouldn't put money on that being the problem. I have been trying to find my notes but not having any luck.
posted March 19th, 2017
@dianen tx Diane... yes... it makes a certain amount of sense... I can't flatten completely because a gif is inherently made up of layers... but I can flatten the base image, which is something I did not do...

I will also try converting to 8bit and resizing... although the current image isn't a large file, I am hoping this will help... @salza tx!
posted March 19th, 2017
@northy Hey, you're on tricky turf for sure. I've spent hours on trying to get gif files loaded onto 365...some with success and some not. As @kali66 and @salza mention, PS seems to do more things right with with filters, actions and timelines with 8 bit files. Also keep the files size/layers as small and concise as possible, with the minimum number of frames/layers as possible. I found if you have too many (how to tell is a good question) things didn't work well. Cool idea with the moving snow within the globe!
posted March 19th, 2017
aaaaarggggghhhhhhh! i flattened the base, converted to 8 bit and saved to a size smaller and now it doesn't even show up when i upload... stepping away from photoshop for a few hours before trying again...

@mikegifford @salza @kali66
posted March 19th, 2017
are you making each frame a flattened image? rather than trying to use overlays i mean.
posted March 19th, 2017
and resize each frame before putting it together.
posted March 19th, 2017
@kali66 hi Kali... yes, i made each frame a flattened image and resized to 8 bits, as well as reduced the pixels when i saved... still didn't work... i've now posted the flat image (it's in project X) and i'm moving on... tx for all your help... i do think it should have worked - but i guess it's just not to be!
posted March 20th, 2017
@northy I also had a very similar problem. After exhaustive research On the net, I narrowed the problem down to the file sizes were just too big for the gif export and it was doing some really funky stuff. Despite converting to 8 bit and resizing to a much smaller image, I still had the same problem. In total frustration I gave up and ended up exporting out of Lightroom as a slideshow, which worked really well. Not a GIF but it had the same result with far less frustration.
posted March 21st, 2017
@northy The few I've done, I had to reduce to about 10-25% when saving in PS
posted March 29th, 2017
@northy I played around with GIFs over the weekend. I found the following tutorial -
In the GIF I posted I used the jpeg straight out of camera, reduced resolution to 100ppi and when saving for web I chose GIF 128 dithered
My gif is here -
posted April 6th, 2017 i used this site to make a gif today for 5+2, once i had made my images in photoshop i up loaded them here and it worked a treat for putting it together. , much better than mucking around with bloody frustrating photoshop!!!!
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