Tips for uploading photos by email address please

posted December 19th, 2017
This is probably somewhere in the discussions, but I can't seem to find it with the search. I've tried several times recently to upload a photo to my project via the address on my account page. I never find it? Is anyone else having this problem? I would welcome any suggestions for uploading via this method, please.
posted December 19th, 2017
Hi Kathy, A few mins after emailing the picture, you should see a message saying, "You have uploads waiting to be organised, Click Here to organise them" in a yellow box at the top of your photostream. When you click on the link, you get to the same Organise page as regular uploads.
If you're not getting the message, you might want to check the size of the photos you are sending.
posted December 20th, 2017
@humphreyhippo Thanks. I hadn't thought about the size. I usually send a photo out of lightroom and made a preset there the right size for a 365project photo. I'll try to resize the one I wanted to send the other day.
posted December 21st, 2017
@humphreyhippo Well, just for the record (in case anyone else should look this up), one cannot resize photos in Google Photos. Rats!
posted December 26th, 2017
LiteBlue services are offline mail services that can are offering USA.
posted February 27th, 2018
@randystreat Hi Kathy, did you resolve? I still can't send anything via email using my 365 email address......
posted February 27th, 2018
@joannapayne No. When I'm at home I don't do it that way. I tried the other night a jpg from Google photos and I never received it on this site. Don't really know what the problem is. I sent an email to Ross Scrivener hoping he will weigh in.
posted February 28th, 2018
@randystreat I also tagged him in my discussion but have heard nothing. I've never been able to use that email address come to think of it.
posted February 28th, 2018
@joannapayne If he responds to my email, I'll post it. Hopefully he'll respond right here.
posted March 7th, 2018
@joannapayne This is the response I got from Ross ( @scrivna) via email. He first asked me to send the photo to him how I sent it to 365project. He reviewed and sent this response:

Hi Kathy,

So I see the issue now, you’ve pressed a “share via email” button which does not work the same as just attaching a photo to an email. The “share” version is basically an email with a link to open the photo in a browser.

The 365 email Import will only work if you actually “attach” the jpeg etc to an email, like you’re doing it from gmail or outlook.

Does that make sense?


I hope this helps you too.
posted March 9th, 2018
@joannapayne @scrivna Used this tonight to upload a photo from myt cell phone and it worked. Thanks so much Ross. Hope it works for you Joanna.
posted March 13th, 2018
@randystreat only just seen this. I’ll try but am
Pretty sure that I’ve tried both ways. Will try later at home!
posted March 13th, 2018
So I tried on my phone and I got the yellow ‘click here’ bar but clicking on it didn’t take me to the edit page! Halfway there!
posted March 14th, 2018
@joannapayne It showed up on my Upload page. If you still can't make it work, email Ross Scrivener
posted March 17th, 2018
@randystreat Where can I find Ross’s Email address?
posted March 18th, 2018
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