Do you print your photos?

posted January 29th, 2018
I think this question isn't trivial. Not everybody wants to print the photos they took. Someone watches them only at the computer and, don't misunderstand me, there's nothing wrong with it. I only wonder what you do with your photos.

I love to print my photos, and I often print them in photo books but I rarely print a single photo.
I'm not against technology, I love technology, but I think photo books are the best way to show my photos. I like to show the photo books to friends and relatives and to talk about the places, the people or remember the day when those photos was shot.
I've already printed many photo books. Most of them are about trips. But there is also the photo book of my first year at 365 and I'm setting up the second day by day, so at the end of the year it will be easier to send it to print. This year I've also printed the 2018 calendar featuring Kira, my little dog - you will see this calendar in my 365 the first day of every month.

Recently I'm working on 4 photo books, at different levels of preparation and probably I will need a lot of time to finish them.

Well, now I'm really eager to know what you do with your photos so, please, share your experiences and opinions.
posted January 29th, 2018
I use a lot of my photos in my scrapbooking. Sometimes I print some and put on my cork board. I like Persnickety for prints I enter at the fair, I am about to print my first digital scrapbook on Picabo.
posted January 29th, 2018
rarely... i used to make an annual calendar with photos of the kids, but i didn't take enough pictures of them last year to make that workable for 2018 (they are teenagers and not particularly amenable to having their pictures taken)...

i generally make an "art" calendar for myself... and i give one to my mom...

no one else seems particularly interested in my images so i don't generally bother to print them...
posted January 29th, 2018
I print a book of my 365 pictures every year, but other than that, no.
posted January 29th, 2018
The only thing I've done is have a two books made with a couple of my older years and I would like to do that again with my more recent years.

I would even like to have a few printed big to hang on the wall.

I also wouldn't mind making Christmas cards with some of my shots, too.

Maybe I'll get to all of it someday.
posted January 29th, 2018
yes I do. often to give to those that are in the photos. I do not however print them all by any means. I think that would just be to leave them to someone who really wouldn't care to have them. most photos I take are really practice to learn more about the craft!
posted January 29th, 2018
I printed a book for my grandson's first month. I have prints and canvases of my photos in my office. My husband has purchased some for his office, a long with a few of his co-workers. I would like to print more. Trying to get them under control is a task!
posted January 29th, 2018
I much prefer to see my photos on the screen. I sometimes get special ones printed to hang on the walls at home.
posted January 29th, 2018
My housemate keeps wanting to print out some of the photos of creatures from the gardens to hang on the wall. But other than that no.

A nice photobook is probably great for a portfolio though!
posted January 29th, 2018
Thank you for the answers. I'd like to give you an example of what I print, so I selected some pages from my books and I composed this collage.

@joansmor I didn't know about Picabo, thank you, It's interesting.
@northy I understand teenagers could have other interests, but if you like to see your photos printed you can print them for yourself and not for others.
@humphreyhippo It's important to do things regularly, like here in 365 with a photo per day. ;-)
@mittens I'm sure you will get to all of it.
@jackies365 Yes, you're right, not all the photos are worth to be printed. I like you give photos to those that are in them, it's very nice.
@danette So, why don't print more? Hmmm... in my office I don't have any of my photos, I should bring there some of them. Good idea, thanks.
@quietpurplehaze Screen is still a good way to watch photos. I have only the calendar of my Kira hanged on the walls, but I agree with you, it's a good way to show some special photos.
@miseria I agree, it could be great for a portfolio. I'm glad your housemate wants to print your photos. ;-)
posted January 29th, 2018
I was thinking of doing a book of our last trip, but changed to trying to do a slide show,to be put on DVD, that way we can share when others are over without the ,"here look at this book".
posted January 29th, 2018
I like your book examples! I print like crazy and always have. I used to print single photos and have them all organized in albums. I don't print all by any means, but I do print a lot. I also print 8x10 and 5x7 sizes of ones that I particularly like, and since it's cheap, I print some to give to my kids when they are grown and want them. I just went to the photo books in Dec because I was "behind" on my individual photos, so I printed an entire year in a single book, and I really like that option so much! Where are you having your books made? I used mpix, and I like the quality a lot.
posted January 30th, 2018
Yes I print my photos and I'm lucky enough to show them at several local art galleries and I also enter them into juried art shows. I really enjoy the feedback on the photos and occasionally I make a few sales. I also get to show my photographs in my husband's studio/gallery. We have had visitors from both Canada and the US to see our very modest Coach House gallery.
posted January 30th, 2018
I print books of places we’ve traveled. I also make a calendar every year. I’ve printed up note cards to sale and give as gifts. I also print individual photos and recently started doing my own framing since it was getting so expensive. The individual prints are for shows, but they are also on my walls and my husband’s office. I use zno for printing books because they make lie flat books. There is also a DIY frameshop in Victoria, BC that I go to. They have large tables and supplies for putting your frames together and then if you need help, they are there to answer questions. My notecards are printed by picaboo.
posted January 30th, 2018
I have not printed anything...I use my photos as a screen saver (which often gets comments from visitors to my office), but otherwise they are filed away. I would love to get a LARGE (3 ft. x 4 ft) print of a one of my photos frames for the wall, but I have no idea how to get that done or if it would look good blown up that much. Any suggestions?
posted January 30th, 2018
I print for photo critiques, photo exhibitions, and by order. I made notecards this year too and sold them at an art sbow.
posted January 30th, 2018
I am been travelling fulltime in my caravan around Australia since 2010. I create my photobooks of my travels. Also create calanders for our parents during Christmas time. Also have a couple of printed canvases and mouse mats. All pics from my travels.

posted January 30th, 2018
I've made a few photobooks based on trips, but other than those, I've never printed a single photo by itself. However, I grew up with a father who made me a photo album of every year of my life. He died when I was only 16, so my childhood photo albums stopped at age 15. They are such a gift. He made a set for my sister, and a set for my mother. Recently I've been thinking about making a few prints but haven't figured out how and where to do it best yet.
posted January 30th, 2018
Thank you again for all the comments.

@byrdlip You can do it both, the book and the DVD, not necessarily at the same time.

@tracys You print a lot, well done! I've never used mpix, I used blurb because it was an advice from a friend and I found a very good quality although they use offset printing. I was thinking to change it because they didn't print a lay flat format but recently they added this format so I want to give them another try. My only concern is about the paper: I've always used the proline pearl photo but they didn't offer this paper for the lay flat books. Well, I will order one book to test it and then I will decide what to do.

@radiogirl @darylo You should be proud to expose your photos and sell them.

@moonmtn You print a lot and in different way. I have to start to print lay flat books too.

@houser934 It's not necessary to print, but if you are curious about a large print to hang on the wall, why not? You should choose the photo and the printing service. In this topic there are some suggestions but you can also search for a shop near your home.

@leestevo You travel and print a lot! wow

@jyokota Thank you very much for sharing this story. I'm really touched.
posted January 31st, 2018
Probably late replying but I thought I'd mention what I have done.
I have done many photo books, especially since the digital age. Prior to digital I did many scrap books of trips and get togethers.
For Christmas last I had fridge magnets made, plus a collage of photos for our Christmas cards. I also did a calender for this year with significant photos for each month. I find the books are resilient to sticky fingers and I add text so that makes for a nice story.
posted January 31st, 2018
Plus had some canvas prints made as gifts.
posted January 31st, 2018
@spectrum I'm constantly printing a photo. I have albums, and I make them the ones I like the most . I have a frame on the wall for 12 photos. Once a year I type the best in my opinion and hang them on the wall. am I a dinosaur?
posted January 31st, 2018
Great post Massimo, I print my photos. I make photobooks, as regulary as I can. Mostly family photos, year by year. And I see my kids respond to that well. They tend to get them out and lough... They are teenagers so I can't take as many photos of them as I would like (because they don't let me being teenagers), but there are always some trips or family events. I always put some of my stuff in those books, but in time I might do 365 exclusive photo book.
posted February 1st, 2018
I print a lot of my photos to make cards - haven't bought a store-bought cards for years. I have even sold some of my cards at craft shows. I make my own Christmas cards using images from that year. I print photos of my grandchildren that I have taken during the year and give them to them as Christmas presents. I have made prints of photos requested by family or friends as gifts or Silent Auction donations. I have made some books - would like to make more. I have also made prints to enter into art shows and/or used them in art projects.
posted February 5th, 2018
Thank you again for all the answers. Most of you print a lot and I love it. I'm sorry if I answer late.

@365projectorgjenfurj I have also many photos from the past took with film cameras, and they mean a lot for me although I didn't organize them very well.

@olenadole Dinosaur? Absolutely not! Why should I consider you a dinosaur? Taking photos and printing them is modern and technological. Nothing to do with dinosaurs. ;-)

@cherrymartina Thank you Martina. Teenagers have their own lifes, so we have to deal with it. I hope you will print your 365 exclusive photo book. I've already printed a book of my first year and I'm doing the same with the second. I want the book will be ready at the end of the year, so I'm doing the editing and the layout day by day.

@selkie I'm glad to know about the silent auction donations, that's really nice of you.
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