World Wide Minute 2018

posted February 21st, 2018
Hello All,

World Wide Minute 2018 is fast approaching! This event is hosted on Facebook by former 365 member @westcoastwallis and I will obviously be helping to kick things off/keep track of things here on 365.

For anyone not familiar the run down is simple:

This is an ONLINE only event.
Stop what you're doing on March 18th, 2018, at 5:47pm in YOUR TIME ZONE take a look around you, and take a photo of what you see!
Then, upload your photo to the your 365 profile with the following information:
*Your country
*Your town, city, or ville (optional)
*A little information about the photograph you're sharing (optional)

This year's hashtag is #wwm2018 Feel free to share on any social media. Aside from participating here on 365, you can also upload your photo or just follow long on the Facebook event page here: (Or disregard Facebook entirely if you're not a fan of the book of face.)

I will soon be posting a set of FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) for anybody that is still a little unclear on the details:)

We're hoping to beat last years attendance of 37 countries, so please feel free to share and invite!!

If you're interested in participating, please comment with your country/state so that I can coordinate world maps/time zones etc to help everyone along properly. I will post the FAQ as soon as Paula has them available and will post reminders as we get closer to the event. Hope to see ya'll there!
posted February 21st, 2018
Sounds interesting. I’m in Kent, England.
posted February 21st, 2018
hampshire UK
posted February 21st, 2018
Bunbury, Western Australia
posted February 21st, 2018
melissa, i thought it's march 15th?

toronto, ontario, canada
posted February 21st, 2018
I'll be sitting in my car, traveling. No photography allowed :-)
posted February 21st, 2018
@mastermek Dash cam?
posted February 21st, 2018
Sounds interesting - count me in

Cheshire, England :)
posted February 21st, 2018
Count me try to do this I am from the Netherlands
posted February 21st, 2018
I'll be back from Loveland, Ohio (Cincinnati area).
posted February 21st, 2018
@mastermek I did it from a speeding car last year, but then I wasn't driving!
posted February 21st, 2018
I'm in - Tulbagh, Western Cape, South Africa
posted February 21st, 2018
I've done this the past 2 years, looking forward to this edition!
posted February 21st, 2018
You have a good memory. Usually it is the 15th, I'm not sure why Paula switched it this year. I will post back should I obtain that information.
posted February 21st, 2018
@mej2011 - Paula's website states March 15, 2018.
Please check with her.
posted February 21st, 2018

Hi Summerfield,

Everything that I wrote in my original message was copied/pasted from Paula. That being said, I've just double checked and this year the date is the 18th as she has a family priority on the 15th. Also, she's not sure how to correct the info on the website you referenced because she's not sure what site it is.
posted February 21st, 2018
@mej2011 @summerfield Hi guys! (I didn't even know my account was still active on here!) Yes, just wanted to clarify that it's definitely the 18th, as I have prior commitments on the 15th. I have messaged the site you linked to see if they can rectify the error, but I was unaware that the event was even listed on it! (Cool, though:) Looking forward to seeing your "minutes" :D
posted February 21st, 2018
@westcoastwallis @mej2011

thanks for clarifying that. the 18th it is then. Melissa, i didn't mean to offend, but i was going by the previous year's dates and the website's.

the 18th actually would be much better as i could be elsewhere rather than downtown Toronto.

thanks again, ladies!
posted February 21st, 2018
No worries. I was just trying to convey that any/all details I post here regarding this event will come directly from Paula and I hadn't been aware of the site that you came across the date on, so I now understand the confusion. Thanks to @westcoastwallis for getting us sorted.
posted February 21st, 2018
London. UK.
posted February 21st, 2018
I'll try to remember. I think it's a great idea. I'm on the western slope of Colorado, USA.
posted February 22nd, 2018
Making a reminder to myself :)
posted February 22nd, 2018
This sounds pretty cool. Dallas, Oregon here :) (NOT Texas lol)
posted February 22nd, 2018
I love this. Brisbane, Australia
posted February 22nd, 2018
Very cool!! Chicago, IL, USA!
posted February 22nd, 2018
Paris, France. I'll be there!
posted February 22nd, 2018
Wiltshire, UK. I hope to be there
posted February 23rd, 2018
I'm in Kent, England
posted February 23rd, 2018
Count me in! Texas, USA
posted February 24th, 2018
Portage, Michigan, USA
posted February 27th, 2018
Hello again Everyone,

Thanks to everyone that has expressed interest so far! For everyone else, there is still time!

Paula, @westcoastwallis , has just released the F.A.Q. for this year's event. With the exception of clarification on #3 to fit with the 365 website, everything else is copied/pasted directly from Paula. Without further ado:

Some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions for you to peruse at your leisure:)

1 - Is it only 5:47pm Vancouver time?
- No, it is 5:47pm in whatever time zone you happen to exist in at that moment.

2 - Do I have to post the photo at 5:47 pm as well?
- No, just take the photo and post it when you get the chance!

3 - Where do I post the photo?
- Please post your photo on your 365 profile with the hashtag "#wwm2018". If you are a Facebook user, you may also post the photo on the Facebook Event page here: but again please use the hashtag as it will HOPEFULLY make finding all the participants' images easier.

4 - Can I post a REALLY good photo that I took at a completely different time?
- You are completely on your honour here, but no, the photo must be taken at 5:47pm, in order to "share" a moment with the world.

5 - Can I invite friends? Or share the event?
- Yes! Please do! The more the merrier!

6 - Is there any way you can organize the photos so that they're easier to look through afterwards?
- Unfortunately not, I have tried a few different methods in other groups and this seems to be the best way. It can be a bit of a pain to scroll through hundreds of photos and conversations afterwards, but I've yet to find a better method.

7 - Can I post ranty political stuff with my photo?
- Pleeeease don't. This is not the time nor the place. This event is all about positivity, inclusiveness, and connection. We'd like to keep it so.

8 - Can I photoshop or touch up my photo?
- Absolutely! It's your moment, do whatever you feel best represents it.

9 - Can you make a slideshow of ALL the photos afterwards?
- Sorry, I just can't. It takes me AGES to make the small slideshow with about 50 select images afterwards. I can't even imagine how long it would take me to do all of them!

10 - How do I increase my odds of getting in the slideshow?
- It's fairly random, but your odds of getting into it are better if you're from a "rare" country (one that doesn't have a lot of participants) or if you stick with the "theme" (to be announced)

11- Is there a theme this year?
- YES! But it's optional and yet to be announced.

12 - Do I have to be a photographer to participate?
- Absolutely not!! This is event is open to everyone, everywhere.
I think that's it - please let me know if you have any more questions and I'll do my best to answer them! Have fun!!
posted March 1st, 2018
This year's theme for #wwm2018 is....PORTRAITS! Do with that what you wish; Portraits of friends, strangers, loved ones, your co-workers, pets, street photography, group shots, name it! Get as creative as you like or snap a quick candid - it's your call!
Please remember that the theme, as always, is optional, so if you have something that you'd prefer to share, by all means, please do! The important part of it all is to have FUN! Thanks guys!
posted March 7th, 2018
Hi Melissa, I will try to do it - I've added it to my diary as a reminder. I'm from South Africa.
posted March 12th, 2018
I hope I remember, I will probably be on my way home to Nelson Bay NSW Australia at that time on the 18th.
posted March 14th, 2018
I have missed this before but hope to take part this year.

I live in Wellingborough, East Midlands, UK
posted March 14th, 2018
I hope I won´t forget the time - I live in Berlin, Germany
posted March 15th, 2018
I have it in my phone calendar. I’m in Texas in the United States.
posted March 16th, 2018
This will be my third year doing it!
posted March 16th, 2018
Montana, USA
posted March 17th, 2018
Way fun! California, USA
posted March 17th, 2018
Rockingham Western Australia
posted March 18th, 2018
I'm in! North Carolina USA!
posted March 18th, 2018
Washington state here
posted March 18th, 2018
Yeeessss! Verona Italy
posted March 18th, 2018
I'll try to be in, I was in 2016 and skipped 2017... Normally in Rome, Italy, but today in Milan
posted March 18th, 2018
Interesting how it used to be New Zealand who would be the first to get to 5.47 pm on any given date. Now it is Samoa because they have changed into a different time zone. I am a little sad that NZ is no longer the first place to see the sun rise every day. Samoa does have very good reason to change into that time zone though.
posted March 18th, 2018
Roswell, GA.
posted March 18th, 2018
Roseburg, Oregon, USA
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