Get Pushed Week 18 - November 19 to 25

posted November 17th, 2012
I'm posting this a bit early as i will be away for part of the weekend... i will have my iPhone and will attempt to monitor, but may not be able to address issues before Sunday night...


Ok - on to the usual spiel... (i'm srsly thinking of writing these up as FAQs... when i get a spare minute and a half doncha know ;p)

I am hoping that my list remains clean and that everyone who should be on it is, and everyone who should not be on it, isn't...

however... if despite my efforts, I've somehow left you off the list when you should be on (or left you on when you should be off), please post to this thread ONLY and i will get it fixed...

Also, if you've never played before but want to join up, please post to this thread as well...

If you are paired up with someone who seems to have gone MIA (does not post a challenge to you by Tuesday at midnight GMT), please let me know...

AND, if you know you will be away or won't have the time to participate, please let me know BEFORE the pairings are posted (generally on Saturday - this week being an exception)... that way I can take you off the list and avoid the confusion and disappointment that ensues when part of a pair goes MIA! Remember, it's always easy to get added back on the list for a following week :)

A Word About Repeat Partners

I use various approaches for randomizing the pairings, but there is no way i can guarantee that you won't at some point end up paired with the same person...

if anyone has any ideas on how to prevent this, i'd be happy to hear them... at the moment, the only thing i can think of is to compare each pairing to all the previous week's pairings... and while i love you guys lots, i don't love you quite that much ;D

anyhoo... so far managing the switcharoos hasn't been too awful so i am ok to keep doing that... but please be patient on this, 'k? :)

A Word about Repeat or Impossible Push Challenges

because this challenge has been going for over 3 months, it can be hard to figure out what challenges may have previously been given to your partner in the past... I would suggest not over-thinking this... issue a challenge based on what you see in the last couple of months... if your partner has already done this challenge, they can let you know and you can come up with another one...

also, if you end up with a challenge that is simply not possible for you (eg: requires a DSLR but you only have a p&s, requires you to shoot a skyscraper when the tallest building in your area is 4 or 5 stories), then I think it should be ok to let your partner know and ask for a different challenge... remember, you should be stretching your skills, trying something different, even something you are a little uncomfortable with... but (and others can correct me if i am wrong) i do not think this is intended to be mission impossible :)


Get Pushed 18 Dates

This weeks's challenge runs from Monday November 19th thru to Sunday November 25th... please tag your photos get-pushed-18...


the Guidelines

1. Find your partner from the list below.

2. Browse through the last couple of months of photos to get a feel for what they shoot and don't shoot etc.

3. Post an introduction on their last photo, and also issue the challenge you are setting.

4. You have until midnight next Sunday November 25thth, to take and post your shot or shots.

5. When posting your shot tag it Get-Pushed-18, tag your challenger in the comments and write a short description about what the challenge was, what you found hard about it etc. PLEASE NOTE - you MUST tag your partner in a separate comment... tagging them in your write-up of your photo will not result in them getting a notification...

6. Maybe the challenger could then critique the photo as well

7. On Monday November 26th the winner of the previous week will pick 5 finalists for a vote, this can be based purely on their fav photos, who they felt best met the challenge etc, etc.

Have fun and be careful out there!


@3dogs4kids with @judithdeacon
@tinmaddog with @slang
@sobefree with @wenbow
@traeumerlein with @alisonp
@la_photographic with @asutherland1964
@sadiec with @ayearinthelifeof
@tulipgirl with @melissapike
@pizzaboy with @wadazomo
@samchale with @spirrowshoot
@lorraineb with @jjefferies
@dhostick with @abhijit
@jackie8 with @himynameiskirsty
@esox with @m9f9l
@peterdegraaff with @notsorandompics
@velina with @ellimae
@sharritta with @sparkle
@mikegifford with @shutterbugger
@kph129 with @laurenjessopphotography
@vstowe with @lauriehiggins
@dmdfday with @geertje
@jsw0109 with @sjoblues
@kazzamazoo with @tigerdreamer
@missmercy with @sassyinma
@egad with @bluesteel44
@ltodd with @hopess13
@pocketmouse with @webfoot
@frida with @sarie
@copperheadglass with @archaeofrog
@mgirard with @summerfield
@myhrhelper with @californialover
@julieco with @cameronknowlton
@joannapayne with @evahenriette
@smevvy with @bernicrumb
@mah68 with @jwlynn64
@tryeveryday with @istacy1011
@dlaxton with @tctime
@staci2171 with @cheribug
@emjay8 with @monika64
@jannkc with @geocacheking
@carolinedreams with @jgpittenger
@msk1p2 with @richwood
@salza with @amandalomonaco

posted November 17th, 2012
thanks for this, kiddo. enjoy your weekend and have fun.
posted November 17th, 2012
I'm just amazed you do all this, plus you have three boys!
posted November 17th, 2012
@summerfield 'tis the plan! i'm going to niagara on the lake overnight for a ladies' weekend away :)

@vase y'well... i kinda consider this my escape ;p
posted November 17th, 2012
Thanks, Northy. Have a great weekend.
posted November 17th, 2012
@northy I am back, so if you need me this week ...
posted November 17th, 2012
@hjbenson hi Harry... i'll add you back in for next week and if someone comes around this week looking for a partner, you'll be first up!
posted November 17th, 2012
I hope you have a wonderful girls weekend! Niagara is on my bucket list as a place to visit - a person must have dreams!
posted November 17th, 2012
Hi Northy, I will do this week, unable to participate from next week, so please delete me from the list for now. Cheers....
posted November 17th, 2012
Hi Northy, can I be taken off the list for now please. Thanks, Caroline
posted November 17th, 2012
...after this week! Thanks! Have a great weekend away and thanks for all the hard work.
posted November 18th, 2012
Northy, I wont be around next week either, so could you take me off next weeks list. Actually take me off indefinitely and I'll get back to you when I'm ready for the next one. Thanks, you're doing an amazing job!
posted November 20th, 2012
posted November 20th, 2012
@northy my partner @geertje has been challenged by @m9f9l... Is there another person that needs a partner?
posted November 20th, 2012
@dmdfday No, you're wrong. That was last weeks challenge. I'm now awaiting yours...
posted November 20th, 2012
@geertje whew... I thought maybe I read the post wrong.
posted November 20th, 2012
@dmdfday Lol! I'm looking forward to your challenge. Is it all-right if I give you yours tomorrow?
posted November 20th, 2012
@geertje sure tomorrow is fine... I have been viewing your photos and you have a lot of variety.. It will be hard to choose something you haven't already done.
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