New Challenge, Eye of the Beholder; EOTB50

April 18th, 2015
We all gravitate towards the beautiful and appealing in our photographs, but it's a real art to take something not so appealing and make it beautiful! This is your chance to do just that.
I was very excited to win the last challenge, after a little over a year on 365 it's my first one. Thanks to all who voted for my shot!
You can tag your entries eotb50. The competition will end on May 1 and I will post finalists on May 2. Good luck and happy photographing to all!
April 19th, 2015
April 20th, 2015
Thought I'd have a go, my offering...

April 21st, 2015
@dibzgreasley Very nice!
April 21st, 2015
April 22nd, 2015
The mystery of trash ;)
April 22nd, 2015
Fork Bouquet

April 23rd, 2015
@dmcoile @mzzhope @kjbadger all great entries!
April 24th, 2015
Wish It Was Finished
April 24th, 2015
April 25th, 2015
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