October '16 Word List

September 30th, 2016

Thank you to everyone that helped to put the October word list together. We didn't have a lot of suggested words this time. If you know someone who is needing inspiration, don't forget to mention that they might like to participate in this challenge. Let's see if we can get the participation level up.

Please note that the dates are just recommendations and you do not have to stick to them, you can use any of the 39 words in any order you like.
The tag for October will continue in the same format as before, first three letters of the month, the year and then ‘words’ (oct16words).

* So tag your photos with oct16words to see them all here:

This is how I have compiled our list:
I first removed all words that have been used in the last 2 months. Next I totaled all the words that were nominated more than once. Then I randomly added words that had date associations. I drew the remaining words, with just one nomination, from a hat, so to speak.

The bonus words, which can be used in place of any other word in the month, are:
Birthday, Anniversary, Libra and Scorpio (star signs), Opal and Tourmaline (birthstone) Marigold and Cosmos (birth flower).

Here is the list:

1 Tree
2 Stickers
3 Ghost
4 Scary
5 Orange
6 Baking
7 Pumpkin
8 Cricket
9 Boots
10 Friends
11 Funny
12 Mask
13 13
14 Music
15 Candle
16 Reflection
17 Sky
18 Windows
19 Bones
20 Frightful
21 Graveyard
22 His 'n Hers
23 Jackets
24 Scarecrow
25 Landmark
26 Hands
27 Mirror
28 Teacher
29 Collage
30 Gaudy
31 Costume
I hope you all enjoy! This month is a little ghoulish.
September 30th, 2016
@debrac thanks.
September 30th, 2016
Doesn't time fly !! another month !! Thank you for compiling the new list !
September 30th, 2016
@debrac Thanks Debra. Some goodies in there. We don't really 'do' halloween in a bug way here so will pick and choose this month.
September 30th, 2016
Thanks for putting this together - looks like a fun month!
September 30th, 2016
Thank you Debra. Some great words to work with.
September 30th, 2016
I can't believe it's October already.
September 30th, 2016
Don't a lot of us take part?! Afraid not going to be able to partake fully this month as away from wifi nd laptop. 😲
October 1st, 2016
@debrac Thank you very much for another great list Debra It's going to keep me busy.
October 1st, 2016
October 3rd, 2016
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Yes, Jackie, a lot of people partake, there just haven't been a lot of people nominating words. I should have clarified. Anyway, you don't have to participate every day. I've been ill for several months and haven't been able to do much myself. I did get a diagnosis on Friday though, and hopefully will be back to my old self soon.
October 3rd, 2016
@debrac get well soon :)
October 3rd, 2016
@debrac Thanks for taking the time to do these lists ..... but please could you take me off the list as I don't come on here much at the moment.
Hope you feel better soon!
October 3rd, 2016
@willowdragon Happy to remove you. Thanks for letting me know.
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