posted January 9th, 2017
Thank you to everyone for loving my feet - actually they are the feet of a penguin!
I would like to run this competition to end near February so we could run the February "F" Word again. We missed it last year and I think it would be great to do again this year. I haven't heard Joey's thoughts yet but figured the winner of this one could host the 1st one in March! Any thoughts welcome.
Anyway - I am choosing the word FOUR -
-it could be four of something.....the number four - an object that has four of something....interpret however you see fit!
The competition will run from now until January 22nd - which is a Sunday - we will have a quick vote and then hopefully launch into February "F" word!

Photos have to be taken with the time frame of the competition.

Forgive my bad grammar and punctuation - my brain is a bit fried hahaha

so .....tag...... f-wordw55

entries here - http://365project.org/tags/f-wordw55

posted January 9th, 2017
Must do one of these again, great word too!
What is the February F-word different to than the other months F-words?
posted January 9th, 2017
@overalvandaan I was going to ask the same....what is the February F word?
posted January 9th, 2017
Has "Fuck" ever been chosen as the F-Word? Asking for a friend...
posted January 9th, 2017
@grizzlysghost hahaha :-) tell your friend, yes.

See http://365project.org/tags/f-wordw30
posted January 9th, 2017
@overalvandaan where was I for number 30.....hahaha...just got my brain working and had to rethink reply...
February ' f' word runs for the month...it is how it began and you can post anything beginning with 'f'
posted January 9th, 2017
@overalvandaan hahaha checked and I did join in lol.....knew I would have ....love a good 'f' word
posted January 9th, 2017
:-) @annied

posted January 10th, 2017
@grizzlysghost 😱😱😱
posted January 11th, 2017
@annied Does the photo have to be taken with the time frame you mentioned above?
posted January 11th, 2017
@not_left_handed yes it does :)
posted January 11th, 2017
@annied Okay, thank you - just wanted to make sure!
posted January 11th, 2017
@not_left_handed no worries - I should have said that - shall add it now :)
posted January 11th, 2017
@annied I have uploaded a pic to paricipate in this theme. It says there I can't use this date! Is it because I am also doing another theme where I have used this date already? If not, how do I upload to the new theme? Thanks
posted January 11th, 2017
@ludwigsdiana you would have to put it in one of your three albums on a date you haven't used...you can post it to tomorrows date...it doesn't matter which album you out it in ☺
does this make sense?
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