52 Week Challenge: Week 12/March 20th - Artistic: Orange

posted March 19th, 2017
Evening everyone,

Another week of the 52 week challenge down, and another new theme…

Tomorrow, March 20th is the start of Week 12, and the theme is:

Artistic: Orange

Your inspiration this week is orange. Either the colour orange or an actual orange. Or both.

Tag: 52wc-2017-w12

A nice easy one this week, you can do anything you like as long as it’s orange… or is about oranges, or suggests oranges, or rhymes with orange…

If you haven’t joined us yet, it’s not too late to jump in, find out what it’s all about on the original discussion thread with a list of the themes, dates and tags for each week here:

If you’re into numbers, @bulldog has a 3,6 & 5 numbers theme going on, you can find out more here:

And as usual, if you’re not on the list for these weekly reminders and you want to be, or if you are and you don’t want to be, let me know in the comments below and I’ll sort it out.

Have fun everyone...
posted March 19th, 2017
thanks... my first reaction was egadzooks - NOT colour! but i see it doesn't have to be IN colour... phew!!!!
posted March 20th, 2017
@northy - orange you glad! :-D
posted March 20th, 2017
@northy of course those of us doing the rainbow challenge have the advantage of being able to tag Tuesday's image for the theme... :)
posted March 20th, 2017
Mel, would you mind if I jumped in to this and adding my name to your list (again)?Thanks
posted March 22nd, 2017
I'd love to be on the list.
posted March 22nd, 2017
Id like to join in on this please.
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