Mundane Battery - We have a winner!

posted July 17th, 2017
Thanks to all who participated in this round of the Mundane Challenge. The theme was battery or batteries, and the winner by a landslide was @vankrey :)

Congratulations Michael :)
You now get to pick the theme and host the next Mundane Challenge...

Previous themes are as follows:

ice, toothbrush, screwdriver, veggie peeler, bar of soap, scissors, electric plug, paper clip, jar, language, cardboard, toothpick, hex key, hair comb, screw, button, key, coin, ballpoint pen, shoe, glass, plastic bag, thread, books, lightbulb, toilet paper, envelopes, door handle, tea bag, broom, tin can, egg(s), shoelaces, clothes peg/pin, wheel, mailbox, pill, bottle, chain, zipper, seed(s), vegetable(s), cutlery, playing cards, mobile phone, pasta, chair, camera, blanket, paper, rubber, tack, hanger, index finger, mouse (non furry), sock, bubbles, candles, bread, beds, tap (faucet), strainer, match, umbrella, paintbrush/es, corkscrew, stairs, mirror, rock, cup/mug, knob, buckle, rake, power pole, box, clock, nail, gears, hinge, wastepaper-basket, hammer, cheese grater, ruler, glasses, gate, chocolate, towel, light-switch, iron, garlic, banana, flip flops, pillow, blinds, plate, keyboard, lens, biscuits, sponge, thermometer, spatula, bottletops, pencil, battery
posted July 17th, 2017
Well done @vankrey :)
posted July 17th, 2017
Super excited to host a challenge! I hope to see lots of entries for the next one.
posted July 17th, 2017
@vankrey wow! 2for2. Congrats!
posted July 18th, 2017
@vankrey Well, I am not surprised you took the crown in both these categories Michael! Both of your battery shots were awesome! Congrats!!
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