New Abstract Mundane Twist Tie Challenge

posted July 17th, 2017
A huge thanks to everyone who submitted photographs and voted on the last Abstract Mundane Challenge (Battery), and to Jennifer @jesperani for hosting. I’m super excited to have won my first two 365 challenges with both mundane objects this time around.

And now, for the brand new Abstract Mundane Challenge – the subject is Twist Ties.

Twist ties are those flexible strips with a thin piece of metal in them to fasten openings of bags, etc. I’m not sure what they are called in other English speaking areas, but I’ve posted a simple picture below. You can photograph them using any technique you choose, as long as Twist Ties are the star. Of course a solo twist tie can take the stage.

This challenge will begin now, July 17th, and will run until the end of Monday August 7th(GMT) - then the finalists will be chosen and voting will commence.

I’ve set up a countdown to the end of the challenge (thanks Mel for doing this last time on the mundane battery challenge), which can be seen here:

Entries for the challenge should be tagged: abstract-twisttie

You can enter as many times as you wish, provided the images are taken within the timeframe of the challenge. You must use different photos for the regular mundane and abstract mundane challenges and can't enter the same image for both – but as I understand it, the abstract one can be an edited version of the mundane one (correct me if that’s wrong!).

Do feel free to share your entries on this thread to keep it visible, and also to link your images back to this discussion, if you like.

Let the creativity begin!

Previous objects so far featured in this challenge include: ice, toothbrush, screwdriver, veggie peeler, bar of soap, scissors, electric plug, paper clip, jar, language, cardboard, toothpick, hex key, hair comb, screw, button, key, coin, ballpoint pen, shoe, glass, plastic bag, thread, books, light bulb, toilet paper, envelopes, door handle, tea bag, broom, tin can, egg(s), shoelaces, clothes peg/pin, wheel, mailbox, pill, bottle, chain, zipper, seed(s), vegetable(s), cutlery, playing cards, mobile phone, pasta, chair, camera, blanket, paper, rubber, tack, hanger, index finger, mouse (non furry), sock, bubbles, candles, bread, beds, tap (faucet), strainer, match, umbrella, paintbrush/es, corkscrew, stairs, mirror, rock, cup/mug, knob, buckle, rake, power pole, box, clock, nail, gears, hinge, wastepaper-basket, hammer, cheese grater, ruler, glasses, gate, chocolate, towel, light-switch, iron, garlic, banana, flip flops, pillow, blinds, plate, keyboard, lens, biscuits, sponge, thermometer, spatula, bottle tops, pencil, and battery
posted July 17th, 2017
Just so we're all on the same page...
posted July 17th, 2017
ooh tha;t going to be interesting!!
posted July 17th, 2017
aha! you got the double whammy, didn't you? congratulations, Michael. good choice of subject, too. as @30pics4jackiesdiamond noted, it's going to be interesting.
posted July 22nd, 2017
Ceci n'est pas un Mondrian
posted July 22nd, 2017
... and the waves came rolling in!
posted July 22nd, 2017
@stimuloog ooooh - a double challenge entry!!!
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