Abstract Frying Pan Challenge

posted October 17th, 2017
Thanks to Sarah @sarahlth for hosting the last mundane abstract challenge, and thanks for voting for my abstract nut photo. I now have the privilege of hosting the new mundane abstract challenge.

This new challenge has the same topic as the mundane challenge, which is “frying pan.” The topic was chosen by the winner of the last mundane challenge, AmyK @amyk

Your abstract image MUST DIFFER from any image you submit to the regular mundane challenge, which means YOU CANNOT DOUBLE TAG YOUR POSTS. You can be more imaginative in the use of the item for this abstract challenge. You are free and welcome to use any photographic technique or employ any programs or apps to process and portray this mundane object in an abstract way.

You may enter as many photos on the subject as you like, but they need to be taken during the challenge time frame to be considered for the final voting.

The Details:

Topic -- abstract frying pan
Challenge begins -- Tues., Oct. 17
Challenge ends -- Sun., Oct. 29
Tag your photo -- abstract-fryingpan

If you wish, you may post your abstract frying pan photos on this thread, as it might help to inspire others to participate and keep the thread alive for future challenges.

The winner of the abstract portion of this challenge will host the next challenge after the regular mundane object has been chosen.

posted October 18th, 2017
For some reason, my eyes read this as 'Abstract Flying Pan' challenge. hahaha
posted October 21st, 2017
@marcy0414 Interesting topic. I had to let it boil in my mind but today I'll give it a try :-)
posted October 21st, 2017
Abstract coocking
posted October 24th, 2017
The discovery of a (w)hole new universe on the back of...
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