5+2 self portraits- a little bit of cooking

December 4th, 2017
while we are waiting for the rest of the bible set, here are some contributions from our loyal followers

@swillinbillyflynn has the second hottest address

@photohoot has a verse to whisper

and Sarah was Abraham's wife in the bible, maybe if they had smatphones and selfies back in the day she might have looked something like this Sarah @saraith

We will cook up a feast for the eyes this week, for our Cooking theme., and bring you seven collaborative dishes. How about bringing a potluck selfie from your kitchen and joining us for dinner
. tag is fiveplustwo-cooking.

December 4th, 2017
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December 5th, 2017
@fiveplustwo Just a bit confused about what this is and how my image came to be here without me knowing about it. It was only when someone comments on my image and told me they had seen it on this tread. Not quite sure why it is here or what this thread is.
December 5th, 2017
@sarahlth we celebrate self portraits sarah, I thought your selfie was wonderful and took the liberty of tying it to our theme and show it off here, hope you dont mind....we can remove it if you object.
December 5th, 2017
@sarahlth sorry sarah, i probably should have asked first! let me know if you are ok with this or not
December 5th, 2017
@fiveplustwo @kali66 No it is fine, I just did not know what it was.
December 5th, 2017
@sarahlth thanks for being a good sport about it, if you didnt already know 5+2 is a self portrait group of 7 people and we have weekly themes which we tag the followers for. we love it when people join in, its not a competition, just a fun thing each week.
December 6th, 2017
@kali66 Kali, never understood - if 5 of you, how come more than yuou 7 participate??
December 6th, 2017
@30pics4jackiesdiamond @kali @fiveplustwo

Great question! Glad you asked! There are seven people that post as @fiveplustwo. Our name fiveplustwo, came from the original group being 5 men and 2 women. 5+2=7, one person for each day of the week!

We have a new theme every week and make a discussion post like this one to invite the entire 365 community to join in on our themes! So we hope that many more than 7 participate in the theme each week, by tagging their photos with the weeks tag.

This week's theme is cooking, and you can participate by taking a selfie along the theme and tagging it 'fiveplustwo-cooking". I hope you join in. :)
December 6th, 2017
oh my i havent been explaining things clearly , i better do better!
@ludgate @mikrgifford @domenicododaro @summerfield @kerosene @fearinnocent
December 7th, 2017
@ludgate @kali66 Thanks, you two, for taking care of the P.R.
December 8th, 2017
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