December 7th Weekly SH*T List

posted December 7th, 2017
Even though we are just entering the busy Christmas holiday season with our lives becoming busier with family and friends, I encourage you to take a peek through this week’s SH*T (So Happy It’s Thursday) list and take note of any challenges you wish to make time for.

While this lists only the ending date of the current challenges, please don’t forget to go through the discussion board to find challenges to be voted on. Voting can be just as important as participation and is generally the most fun and exciting part of the challenges.

Don’t forget to hit the link to check out the details of any challenges you are considering in case I may have messed up the dates or such.

SWOL 9 (Shoot Without Looking) ends TODAY

WWYD 163 (What Would You Do) ends on Friday, December 8th

Macro Challenge – Game piece – ends on Sunday, December 10th

The Mundane and its partner, Abstract Mundane Challenge (Roadsigns) both end on Sunday, December 10th

ETSOOI-90 (Edit the Sorriness Out Of It) extended until Sunday, December 10th

Eye of the Beholder 90 ends on Monday, December 11th

Song Title 34 ends on Friday, December 15th

Artist Challenge – Mario Giacomelli – ends on Sunday, December 17th

Abstract 3 ends on Wednesday, December 20th

Colton Allen Artist Challenge II ends on Saturday, December 23rd

5+2 for the love of selfies and Get Pushed are both weekly challenges that open to all and well worth considering. Their links are found below.

Just because 2017 is almost over, don’t let that deter you from jumping into the on-going 52 week challenge. 52 Week Challenge: Week 49 – Story – Blue Hour

Bulldog @bulldog has the Project 365 on 365 Project challenge ongoing for the full year of 2017. Check it out here:

And then there is the ongoing Word of the Month for those who occasionally lose their mojo or those who simply need ideas or inspiration.

Last but not least, don’t forget about Ross’s weekly theme. This week is Motion.
posted December 9th, 2017
Thanks for continuing to post this list!

Does anyone know what happened to the MFPIAC challenges?
posted December 9th, 2017
Not sure but could look into it.
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