5+2 self portraits- PEACE

January 1st, 2018
WElcome to a new year one and all

Just in case you didn't already know...
5+2 is a self portrait group of 7 people, one self portrait for each day of the week.
We have WEEKLY THEMES and we invite the 365 community not only to view our self-portraits, but to PARTICIPATE , we love it when people join in, it's not a competition, just a FUN thing each week
All that is needed is tagging ones own self portrait with the correct tag.
. We will feature our picks of the best self portraits contributed by others in our weekly post.

Self portraits can be fun, artistic , humourous, introspective, therapeutic, cathartic, challenging, a straight up shot, or a chance to work on your post processing skills, and the model will be cooperative and always available!

PEACE is our theme this week, so chill out and do your bit for world peace, take time to smell the roses, make peace with your enemies and demons, bury the hatchet, wave the white flag, Center and ground yourself and be at one with the universe.

tag is fiveplustwo-peace

Perhaps we should have had the Beatles theme is a less busy week, their songs are such a rich vein to tap into for inspirations, Nevertheless we had some great entries as usual

Louis @pickerandagrinner picked an obscure tune for his green onion

Angela celebrated the mundane @akphoto

and Northy @northy was attracted to the bizarre

January 1st, 2018
we tag our followers in the hope you will join in with our themes and appreciate the headsup, if this is at all annoying please let us know and we will remove your name from the tag list, !
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January 1st, 2018
Thanks for the shout out... and for being a constant source of inspiration đŸ™‚
January 1st, 2018
@northy all we hope for :)
January 22nd, 2018
@fiveplustwo could you please add me to the list. Thank you.
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