New Abstract Mundane Challenge - Magazine

February 6th, 2018
A huge thanks to everyone that voted for my abstract garlic in the last challenge.

For the new Abstract Mundane Challenge – the subject is MAGAZINE, this has been chosen by the winner of the previous mundane-challenge @joemuli.

Entries for the challenge should be tagged: abstract-magazine

Entries can be seen here

Challenge begins today (Feb 6) and will end on Feb 19 (in line with the mundane challenge). I will then select some finalists on Feb 20 and then it's down to folks to vote for their favourite!

You can enter as many times as you wish, provided the images are taken within the timeframe of the challenge. You must use different photos for the regular mundane and abstract mundane challenges and can't enter the same image for both – but the abstract one could be an edited version of the mundane one.

To make a clear distinction with the mundane challenge, really focus on ABSTRACT, i.e. photo where one cannot recognize that this is a magazine!

Do feel free to share your entries on this thread to keep it visible, and also to link your images back to this discussion, if you like.

Previous mundane items have been:
ice, toothbrush, screwdriver, veggie peeler, bar of soap, scissors, electric plug, paper clip, jar, language, cardboard, toothpick, hex key, hair comb, screw, button, key, coin, ballpoint pen, shoe, glass, plastic bag, thread, books, light bulb, toilet paper, envelopes, door handle, tea bag, broom, tin can, egg(s), shoelaces, clothes peg/pin, wheel, mailbox, pill, bottle, chain, zipper, seed(s), vegetable(s), cutlery, playing cards, mobile phone, pasta, chair, camera, blanket, paper, rubber, tack, hanger, index finger, mouse (non furry), sock, bubbles, candles, bread, beds, tap (faucet), strainer, match, umbrella, paintbrush/es, corkscrew, stairs, mirror, rock, cup/mug, knob, buckle, rake, power pole, box, clock, nail, gears, hinge, wastepaper-basket, hammer, cheese grater, ruler, glasses, gate, chocolate, towel, light-switch, iron, garlic, banana, flip flops, pillow, blinds, plate, keyboard, lens, biscuits, sponge, thermometer, spatula, bottle tops, pencil, battery, twist tie, paper cup, elastic (rubber) band, nut(hardware), frying pan, salt, roadsigns, curtain & garlic
February 12th, 2018
It's my fold
February 12th, 2018
@stimuloog Nice!

There's some good photos so far! Picking out the ones to vote for will be tough! Remember folks, to try & make the shot as abstract as possible :)
February 14th, 2018
Bit of a bump for this challenge - ending on Feb 19th :)
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