March 8th Weekly SH*T List

posted March 8th, 2018
I am so pleased to present the next edition of So Happy It’s Thursday (SH*T) list which comes just in time for everyone to include in their busy weekend.

While this lists only the ending date of the current challenges, please go through the discussion board to find challenges to be voted on. Voting can be just as important as participation and is generally the most fun and exciting part of the challenges.

I also find that there are a ton of interesting topics to be found on the discussion board that I do not mention in the SH*T list such as Flash Back Fridays and opportunities to post your favourite Fav’s and other photos. Please go back a couple of pages through the Discussion board to find these gems that might get buried quickly when there is a lot of activity on the Discussion board.

Don’t forget to hit the link to check out the details of any challenges you are considering in case I may have messed up the dates or such.

Composite 2 (Full Moon) ends TODAY - Thursday, March 8th

Tag Challenge 150 ends on Saturday, March 10th

Macro Challenge (Stone) ends on Sunday, March 11th

EOTB 93 (Eye of the Beholder) ends on Sunday, March 11th

WWYD 166 (What Would You Do) ends on Sunday, March 11th

The Mundane, and its’ partner, the Abstract Mundane Challenge (Leaf) both end on Monday, March 12th

Landscape 2 ends on Tuesday, March 13th

Abstract 6 ends on Thursday, March 15th

Song Title 37 ends on Thursday, March 15th

SWOL-11 (Shoot With Out Looking) has been extended until March 15th

Six Word Story 79 ends on Sunday, March 18th

Album Cover 91 Challenge ends on Sunday, March 18th

Artist Challenge (Lorazombie) ends on Sunday, March 18th

Technique Challenge 82 ends on Wednesday, March 21st

Black & White 25 (Composing with Negative Space) ends on Wednesday, March 21st

MFPIAC 71 (My Favorite Pictures In A Collage): Childhood ends on Thursday, March 22nd

Street Challenge 42 ends on Saturday, March 24th

5+2 for the love of selfies and Get Pushed are both weekly challenges that open to all and well worth considering. Their links are found below.

The 52 Week Challenge runs for the whole year but you can jump in at any point. This week it is Vision: Selective Colour.

And then there is the ongoing Word of the Month for those who occasionally lose their mojo or those who simply need ideas or inspiration.

Sheralee @bella_ss has started a “52 Portraits of Me” that will run for the full year of 2018. This week is Week 10: Growth.

Now that February’s Flash of Red, a month of B&W is now over, please consider joining the March Rainbow month organized by Mel @m2016

Rose @silverhorn is encouraging us to welcome new members to the 365 community by showcasing their work to this thread.

The World Wide Minute 2018 is planned for March 18th, 2018.

Debbie @deborah63 is doing a one-off challenge (not ongoing) called On My Walk Today I Saw

Last but not least, don’t forget about Ross’s weekly theme. This week is Human.
posted March 8th, 2018
Thank you @farmreporter
posted March 8th, 2018
Thanks, Wendy, so comprehensive as always. Looking at this list, there is no excuse for lack of inspiration!
posted March 8th, 2018
Fantastic list, thanks so much for including mine (in case I haven't said so previously).
posted March 8th, 2018
SWOL is back on the list! @byrdlip
posted March 10th, 2018
thank you so much for posting this list Wendy... it is a HUGE help!!!
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