WWYD167 kickoff

posted March 19th, 2018
Thank you @Weezilou for hosting WWYD166!

I have a new challenge for issue 167. This is the view from my office window. It's a panorama and now the old building is gone it's up to you to create an interesting skyline (we do like our wider view on the river :-)

The WWYD Challenge will run from today, Mon Mar 19th to Sun Apr 1st. Voting will take place shortly thereafter and a winner announced after a few days once the voting is closed. Voting will take several days.

So here are the rules:

- Save the starting image on your computer. NOTE: If you select the “Sizes” under the right-side menu and scroll down to the Original or Large option you can copy and paste to your browser or download.

- Upload the photo you edit to one of your albums and tag it WWYD167 and you can view other entries here: https://365project.org/tags/WWYD167

- You are also welcome to add your image to this discussion thread. Go to your edited photo, click on the arrow by your comment and fav numbers, copy the "embed" code on the left, and paste it here.

- Multiple entries are allowed.

- There are no editing rules. Edit the starting image any way you’d like. No editing software on your computer? No problem – go to a site like Picmonkey and upload/edit your pic for free. You won’t be able to use all the features but there are plenty you will be able to use.

Please use these WWYD Challenges to push yourself to try new editing techniques! If you’re just beginning work on tonality, color control, curves, detailing, sharpening, gradients and other effects. As you get more familiar with all the editing tools you can add things like dodge and burning, layers, masking and textures. As you push yourself even more move to image extractions and full compositions. Remember to keep pushing and learning, and most of all have fun along the way!

Good luck to everyone and happy editing! Have fun!
posted March 20th, 2018
Wow, Mek! To kick off my ideas, I looked up the architecture in Rotterdam! Egad, It's a city-scape Museum of amazing architecture!!! I'm more confused than ever now! I'm glad I at least stopped by to see what your city looks like! It has the total "WOW Factor!"
posted March 20th, 2018
@Weezilou you’re always welcome and I would love to show you around :-) Although I can’t imagine you really want to leave all those lovely animals behind! I always envy you and your garden creatures!
posted March 20th, 2018
@mastermek You make me smile! And thank you! We're typically away for about 5 mo a year in Nova Scotia, but we've been so fortunate to have excellent and dedicated friends who will move in and look after all the many pets in our absence! While I do miss them, I find "new friends" in my back yard up north! ...and so the cycle continues : )
posted March 20th, 2018
Ah. So you're living in 2 countries!
Thanks for all the lovely comments, btw.
posted March 22nd, 2018
Let's get this show on the road! I went for "surreal" so I wouldn't have to match everything up perfectly!

posted March 24th, 2018
This is my entry... my imagination always takes me to a fairy tale world so...

posted March 25th, 2018
An here's mine. Anyone else remember Kitten Kong?
posted March 28th, 2018
Here's my go!

posted March 31st, 2018
I've combined mine with the 52pom challenge
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