Creative People! ~ Composite Photography Challenge #6 starts now ~ Theme: Big and Small

posted May 22nd, 2018
Thanks a million to Suzanne @suzanne234 for hosting the last composite challenge, to Northy @northy who encouraged me to enter my pic in the competition, to all that great entries and to all of those of you who voted for my Venetian Fantasy composite. Especially as I forgot to add any shadows, the whales would cast. Thanks a lot, you made my day.

This is a fun challenge and a great way to practice your editing skills. Especially working with layers. If you are new to composite photography, or if you keen to give it a go, then this competition is for you.

Definition of composite photograph: a photograph made by combining several distinct photographs either made one over another on the same plate or made on one print from a number of negatives.

The idea behind the challenge is to get as creative as possible. Let it flow!

I have decided the theme will be: big and small
START DATE: 22nd May
END DATE: 07th June (I will consider all time zones)
TAG: composite6

There is a ton of YouTube tutorials and the internet is a great source for stock images.
This is a link to a site that has access to 135 tutorials. So if you are stuck for an idea, have a look.

You must have at least one of your own photos, and you are able to make use of stock images to supplement what you already have.

Links to some free stock image sites. /

It's not mandatory, but it would be great if you could share your image to this thread to give others inspiration

Entries can also be found here:

Happy editing my 365 friends

Composite themes so far:
# 1 love
# 2 moon
# 3 shoes, sandals and feet
# 4 fruit and vegetable
# 5 animals
# 6 big and small / huge and tiny (see above)
posted May 22nd, 2018
Thank you @suzanne 234 for hosting the last round.
posted May 22nd, 2018
@farmreporter For your so helpfull SH*T list (thanks for setting this up every week):
Composite Challenge #6 Theme big and small, ends 07th June
posted May 22nd, 2018
I have added it the list. Sounds like a great challenge!
posted May 23rd, 2018
Great choice Mona, it may also fit in with this weeks 52pom :)
posted May 23rd, 2018
Oh, good theme!
posted May 24th, 2018
This is a very interesting Challenge!
posted May 31st, 2018
Brilliant. I will try to do this.

I have a couple of options.

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