Get Pushed Week 427 - Monday Sept 28 to Sunday Oct 4

September 26th, 2020
some FAQs about this challenge can be found here:



if you do not get a challenge by end of day Monday, please let me know and i will do my best to get things sorted...

If you do not get in touch with your partner by Monday, I will take your name off the list until you let me know that you are back and WILL be playing... this is not meant to be punitive - it is just intended to minimize disappointment for those who are playing consistently :)



-- if i left your name ON by mistake, left your name OFF by mistake, or made a MISTAKE in spelling your name, please let me know by responding to this thread and i'll fix things up...

-- if you are interested in joining this challenge, respond in this thread and i will add you to the list... if it's not too late in the week, you'll likely be able to play this week...

-- if you find you must bow out of the game after i've posted the list, please let me know ASAP in this thread, and please tag your partner... i will do my best to find them a new partner...

-- if you don't get a challenge by late afternoon Monday, let me know in this thread... PLEASE do not suffer in silence! even if you're ok with not playing this week, the person paired with your partner next week may be very disappointed... letting me know about inactive players is the only way i can keep the list up-to-date...


One of the key aspects of "get pushed" is that we get "pushed" out of our photographic comfort zones... this means that you need to find something that is a CHALLENGE for your partner...

Look thru the recent months of their project and come up with something they don't seem to have done, or have indicated struggling with... it could be a type of subject, a compositional technique, a particular camera setting, use of light, anything... as long as it is something they don't seem to have done, or done much of...

If you're paired with someone who appears very experienced and accomplished, give them a concept challenge - eg.: interpret a word (something a bit intangible like "silence", or "ambiguous"... not a thing like "animal" or "toy")...

Looking thru your partner's albums needn't take a lot of time... but it is very much appreciated when this effort is invested...



Explain what your challenge was when posting your shot. This helps the previous week's winner when they are choosing the week's finalists. And if someone is cruising the photos with a "get pushed" tag, they like to see what the challenge was when looking at your photo.


Week 427 Dates

-- Find your partner and issue a challenge
-- Monday September 28 thru Sunday October 4 - take a picture (or pictures) in response to the challenge issued to you, and post it with the tag: Get-Pushed-427 and comment on the photos taken in response to your challenge
-- Monday, October 5 - the winner of week 426 will pick 5 finalists for a vote


How to play:


1. Find your partner from the list below and click on their name to get to their profile

2. Browse through the last couple of months of photos to get a feel for what they shoot and don't shoot etc.

3. Post an introduction on their last photo, and also issue the challenge you are setting.


4. You have until midnight next Sunday, to take and post your shot or shots.

5. When posting your shot WRITE A SHORT DESCRIPTION about
-- who challenged you,
-- what the challenge was,
-- what you found hard about it etc.

6. Make sure to tag your shot for the challenge.... Get-Pushed-427

7. Tag your challenger in a COMMENT (not just your write-up). You MUST tag your partner in a separate comment... tagging them in your write-up of your photo is not sufficient as it will not result in them getting a notification...


8. it is nice to visit the photo that was made in response to your challenge and offer some comments and maybe even some constructive criticism...

9. On the Monday after the challenge is over, the winner of the previous week will pick 5 finalists for a vote, this can be based purely on their fav photos, who they felt best met the challenge etc, etc.

Happy trails!!!!
September 27th, 2020
I'm back again and available to play!
I am more than willing to pick up anyone who may want to join even if they want to join later in the week.
September 27th, 2020
@farmreporter so sorry Wendy... i did include you in the list for pairing and then missed a couple rows when i copied/pasted into the thread... updated now...
September 27th, 2020
Not a problem. I kinda figured that is what happened because you are so reliable when it comes to this challenge.
Also - the list seemed so short .....!
September 27th, 2020
I would like to play please. Thanks.
September 27th, 2020
Thank you, Northy. I've never played so this should prove interesting! :-)
September 27th, 2020
@aikiuser you'll have fun Jenn!!!
September 28th, 2020
@farmreporter thanks Wendy... although i'm missing a lot of "beats" these days so i wouldn't assume anything... work has been hectic!
September 28th, 2020
@northy Hi, I am looking forward to doing this for the first time, but I have not received a challenge from my partner yet.
September 29th, 2020
@chejja hi Caroline... I’m sorry you have t heard from your partner as yet... @homeschoolmom sometimes posts a bit late, but usually she does post! if you haven’t heard from her by midday tomorrow let me know and I will set a challenge for you...
September 29th, 2020
@northy Thank you.
September 29th, 2020
@northy @chejja I posted a challenge for Caroline. Sorry it was late.
October 8th, 2020
@northy Has there been a vote for #427 yet? I'm anxious to see how everyone met their challenges!
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