Technique-109 Perspective Starts Tomorrow!!!

September 28th, 2020
First, I would like to send out a big thanks to @caterina , for hosting our previous Technique-108-rimlight challenge.
I would also like to thank all of the great participants, and those who voted.

Tomorrow 9/28 will start our technique 109 challenge, which is going be on Perspective.

What Is Perspective in Photography
Perspective photography looks at two areas. The definitions are:
1.The spatial relationship between objects within an image. Perspective makes a two-dimensional photograph feel like a three-dimensional scene. It’s also the reason why many compositional techniques work. From leading lines and balanced weight to shallow depths of field.
2.Our point of view. Or the placement of the film/sensor plane in relation to the subject.

Here are some links that further discuss shooting from different perspectives or vantage points.

Technique-109 Perspective will start tomorrow Sept 28th, and entries will close at midnight on Oct 24th.
A short list will be selected and posted on the 25th of Oct.
With the winner have the honor to host the next round.

Please remember to tag your shots with:

Follow the current participants

Good luck everyone, and have fun!!
-Bobby D.

For those curious about previous challenges:
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2. Motion blur
3. Split toning
4. Flipped reflections
5. Long exposure
6. Professional looking portraits
7. Mini portraits
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9. High/fast shutter speed
10. Vintage in modern
11. Double/multiple exposure
12. Forced perspective
13. Zoom burst
14. Multiplicity
15. Panning photography
16. ICM
17. Shaped bokeh
18. B&W
19. High key
20. In the night
21. One-light lighting
22. Refractions
23. Selective color
24. Tilt-shift
25. Into the sun/flare photography
26. White background
27. Macro photography
28. Shooting blind
29. Framing
30. Light painting
31. Slow sync flash
32. Silhouettes
33. HDR (High Dynamic Range)
34. Minimalism
35. Panography
36. Blurism
37. Colour contrast (complimentary colours)
38. Diptych
39. Shadows
40. Ghost shots
41. Portraits with props
42. Negative space
43. Low key portraits
44. Kinetic photography (camera toss)
45. Self portraits
46. Flash photography
47. Tryptich
48. Breznier
49. Soft focus
50. Focus stacking
51. Architecture
52. Zoom burst - repeat
53. ICM - repeat
54. Square images
55. Using a reflector
56. DIY lensbaby
57. Backlighting
58. Multiple exposure
59. Zoom Burst - repeat
60. GIF
61. Rear synch flash
62. Smoke photography
63. Red shirt photography
64. Forced perspective - repeat
65. Scanography
66. Faceless portraits
67. Panoramic stitched photography
68. Colourful monochrome
69. High key portrait
70. Shallow dof
71. Bird's eye view
72. White balance
73. Backlighting - repeat
74. White on white
75. Close up
76. Multiplicity
77. Vaseline Soft Focus
78. Birds in Flight
79. Creative Bokeh
80. Zoom Burst - repeat
81. Low POV & Large Angle
82. Motion Blur (repeat challenge)
83. Vintage
84. Blue hour
85. Crystal ball
86. Symmetry
87. Obstructed view
88. Interrupted pattern
89. Vanishing point
90. Astrophotography
91. Combined knowledge
92. Shadows to Black, Black and White
93. Contrast in monochrome landscapes
94. Smoke
95. Reflection - repeat
96. Panoramic photography - repeat
97. High Key still life
98. Food
99. Shallow Depth of Field -repeat
100. Contre-jour
101. Homemade Filter
102. Vortography
103. Multiple Exposure/Pep Ventosa
104. Food stories -repeat
105. Flat Lay
106. Triptych/Diptych in the style of David Hilliard
107. Stop-Action
108 Rim-light

September 28th, 2020
Thank you Bobby! Great choice. I’ll start right away, to encourage others to do the same
September 29th, 2020
you won't believe it, but Katie McEnaney used to be a 365er!
September 29th, 2020
@summerfield That is way cool!
I thought that it was a great article
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