Uploading from my iPhone

posted February 22nd, 2012
We're going on vacation soon and I won't have a laptop along. I think I should be able to email the picture to myself at 365, but when I've tried, I don't know where the picture went or how to get it uploaded, captioned, etc.

Also, my son had me add an app for editing right on the phone, but I don't seem to be able to get a picture to that either. Help??
posted February 22nd, 2012
hi barbara, go to the upload page, on there is an email address you can email your photos too, then wait a few minutes, go to the website and you can organise and post them right from your phone
posted February 23rd, 2012
which app? Was it Snapseed?
posted February 23rd, 2012
@Scrivna Hey Ross, I noticed today that the discussions and stat pages on the new mobile site are only suited for landscape mode - they do not resize for standard portrait mode like the home page and album pages do. Did you know that?
posted February 23rd, 2012
@sdpace The discussions should be ok, it's a work in progress I will get it sorted
posted February 23rd, 2012
@Scrivna Hello :o) I'm new, I'm stuck but I really want to play! I'm using an iPhone, I emailed my first picture to the address given on my upload image (main site) but now where is it? When I try to use Upload on the iphone it says I need Flash which you aren't allowed to install... what am I doing wrong please?
posted February 23rd, 2012
@sashaberry Hi, it takes a few minutes to come through, on your newsfeed or will pop up at the top saying you have photos to organise
posted February 23rd, 2012
Thanks @scrivna I'm in!
posted February 24th, 2012
I need help please! When I upload a pic from my iPhone the picture is turned around makes it look upside down! How can I rotate it like its supposed to b on my iPhone? Why does it rotate when I upload it?
posted March 12th, 2012
I've just acquired an iphone and hoped to be able to use it occasionally for my project , but the upload tab doesn't seem to be there in Safari. Where is it hidden?
posted April 6th, 2012
I email pictures to the address on the page.... but where do I go to check emails here?
posted November 11th, 2012
I do not see an email address on the upload page. Am I doing something wrong?
posted December 23rd, 2012
@clpalmer Did you get to see your email add? It's almost at the bottom of your upload page.
posted January 3rd, 2013
There is no email address on my upload page either.
posted February 20th, 2014
I did an iPhone email test today and it turned me down as having a bad date. It's not a bad date. What's up - it is the 20th of Feb.
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