Memory Card error. Card locked?

posted August 27th, 2012
Hello Guys.

So. My $1000 Dollar camera (Canon PowerShot S3 IS)
Is saying that the memory card is locked when it isn't

Have any tips or anything that doesn't cost money? Or money. Idc.

posted August 27th, 2012
There is a little switch on the side of the card that locks and unlocks it...have you checked that?
posted August 27th, 2012
Yes sometimes you can get an error even if the little switch is just a tiny bit out of place.
posted August 27th, 2012
It's probably the switch. On one of mine I got the same error. I finally had to use a little super glue. Also try it in another camera or computer and see if you can access and/or write to it.
posted August 27th, 2012
I put a small piece of tape over the switch so it didn't move...
posted August 28th, 2012
@shadesofgrey LOL. Obviously I would have checked.
posted August 29th, 2012
@itaevy You never know!
posted August 29th, 2012
@swguevin its not that. XD Its something inside the camera
posted August 29th, 2012
@itaevy I know this is a silly question, but did you test it with a second SD card to be sure it really is the camera and not the card. I have a card which gives me grief in the computer and error messages and others that work fine. Not trying to be a pain here, just asking.

If the read problem is inside the camera, then I would check on-line for a software update or camera software reboot in hopes that it is an internal software problem.

If it is actually the hardware in the camera, then you will need to take it is for repairs.

So sorry you are having this issue.
posted November 27th, 2012
you can get some data recovery tool to fix it . i had the issue before,people online told me to use some data recovery tool. I used EaseUS data recovery. you can take a try.
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