looking for a slave flash

posted November 3rd, 2012
hi guys and girls,

i'm looking for a second slave flash, currently i'm working wit a Nikon SB-24 with Cactus remote triggers.
the reason i want a second flash is:
as you can see on this picture i got a lot of blacks on the person. and i want to fill those in. does a Smith Victor PG6S Mini Slave do the job? anyone have experience with this flash?

posted November 3rd, 2012
No idea about the Smith Victor, but I totally recommend the Yongnuo, you can get the YN-560 for $46 now, or the YN-460 for $37. They trigger by light as slaves or you could use a second Cactus receiver. I don't think you can beat Yongnuo for value-for-money. BTW, the 560 has a zoom head, the 460 doesn't. There is a Mk II version of each of them available for a few dollars more, get them on eBay or Amazon I think.
posted November 5th, 2012
i hear alot of story's that Yongnuo overheat, and when i'm shooting this kind of photo's they fire alot.

i will look a bit more to them, i'm not in a hurry to buy one. on the otherhand, i realy kinda need one. @pizzaboy
posted November 6th, 2012
@ekstazie I've had no problem with the 460's overheating. We shot with them solidly for a few hours one night and another flash drained its batteries (which came out stupidly hot) but the Yongnuo's were still recycling fast.
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