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posted November 5th, 2012

Whats your FAVE photoshop action for eyes?

I use The Pioneer Woman's free set which has "bring on eyes" its a great one for lightening up the eyes... but i need one or would like one to get the colour a little brighter without looking fake...

How do you make your eyes just that little bit better?

posted November 5th, 2012
I love the Pioneer Woman's actions but the eye bright action from The CoffeeShop Blog is much nicer. I use this one all the time and love it!

Here is the link....
posted November 5th, 2012
@tanja_1211 hi tanja :) you should read jinx's @jinximages eye edit tutorial, then make your own from the sequence...i did, its the best thing ever :))

and, in case you're wondering, making an action is super easy, just practice the sequence a few times, then click on the "new actions" icon near the "play action" button, type a name for it, then do all the steps in the tutorial, then click the the "stop" button. seriously, its too easy :))

oh, when i say do all the steps in the tutorial, i mean just the set up part where jinx talks about making a mask and the settings for it etc, all the steps up until you're about to touch the image.

hope this helps a little :)
posted November 5th, 2012
posted November 6th, 2012
@tanja_1211 Thanks!! looks like a good one! will check it out! x
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