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posted August 28th, 2016
Hi all,
I see a number of people put watermarks on their phtographs; I've done it with a piece of software I have, but by default, it reduces the photograph to approx 300-500kb.

Could anyone please advise/suggest/recommend an alternative software to embed watermarks.

Thank you
posted August 28th, 2016
Hi Phil. I haven't come across any photos that had a watermark on the Project as yet. I use PhotoShop CS5.5 and you can create a watermark on a layer that would appear on your photo. I mention that in case you might have PhotoShop. You might be able to use other free photo editing software to create watermarks as well? When I upload my photos I make them 740 X 1110 pixels which is approximately 3 x 4 inches. Anybody that wanted to copy my photos wouldn't be able to enlarge them much more than 4 x 6 inches before severe pixelating.
posted August 28th, 2016
I also use Photoshop elements, and create a layer with the text of a watermark. It's then possible to resize the image for uploading, or keep it at full resolution
posted August 28th, 2016
There is a reason many do not watermark their images. One is that it does not prevent theft of the image.

Two, it most of time ruins the image.

It is best put the copyright info in the EXIF data. That still will not prevent theft, but it does not ruin the image.
posted August 28th, 2016
I went on you tube and followed along a created custom brush that had my water mark. That was in PS. It got lost when I had to reload onto new computer, so will have to figure it out again.
The brush was great as you could change size etc just as wiht any brush
posted August 29th, 2016
I've always been torn, watermark, or no? I don't do it. I agree that even though it can be subtle, some are so large, they take away from the composition and spirit of the photo.
posted August 29th, 2016
I don't like watermarks they seem pretentious to me. You see some awful photographs with them on and you ask your self why? I have recently been taking photographs at training events for a neighbour, free of charge just because it gave me something different to photograph. Now he is doing my head in insisting I put watermarks on the photographs because he thinks someone might copy them, and I assume make some monetary gain from them.
If your concerned that someone might do that then the only thing worth doing is completely ruin the photo with a watermark that cover the image sufficiently to prevent it being used by anyone else.
If you just want to put your name on it descreetly then fair enough. Lightroom has the facility to put a water mark on the image which can be set up in the export routine, it is very simple to do. I would assume Photoshop would have a similar function.
Like has been said reducing image size and quality to a level that is sufficient to deter copying to most extents. But if some looser wants to pass your work off as there own the sure as hell will but unless in the very unlikely event it is used in a defamityry way then I wouldn't let it bother me. Read this http://thomas.leuthard.photography/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/GoingCandid.pdf#page76 by Thomas Leuthard he makes some interesting observation about copy rights.
posted August 29th, 2016
@barrowlane Thank you, Rob for this very interesting read. It is long, but well worth taking the time to read it through!
posted August 29th, 2016
Thank you all; for both the answers to the original question regarding what software for watermarks, and for the enlightening views on whether to do them, or not.
Food for thought.
posted August 30th, 2016
I look at a watermark as nothing different a signature on a painting. If I have taken the time to compose and edit a photograph, then it becomes my art and can and should be signed. I realize that in today's digital age, that signature/watermark does little to nothing to keep it from being stolen; but then that isn't the purpose of its application.
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