Nikon Coolpix L120 Help

posted August 19th, 2011
I just recently purchased a Nikon Coolpix L120 and an upgrade from my little point and shoot. I love the camera and as my skills slowly progress, I feel comfortable with my new camera. Problem: Indoor pictures! It seems everytime I try to take a picture of pretty much anything indoors without natural light it is either blurry, or has an orangie glow to it.
I have read up and I know this has to do with my ISO being to high, again with the problem, I have NO IDEA how to change my ISO. This was an issue with my old camera but I figured it was just because it was a regular old run of the mill digital camera and that if I moved up the ladder alittle the problem with go away. I have gone through every setting, menu feature and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change my ISO.
I even went so far as to try to find out what the ISO was for each setting and though maybe I could fix the problem that way, the only result I got was either blurry pictures or really white pictures lol.
I have decided to turn to my fellow photographers for alittle guidence. Is there a way I can change my ISO on this camera or will I just have to make sure I take my pic with natural light till I upgrade my camera once again.

Any tips, tricks or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.


Anne AKA Lemonsunshine
posted August 19th, 2011
Hmmm .... I have a 110 and rarely use the flash. Do not use the automatic setting. Instead select one of the settings that best works for the distance indoors. Let the camera focus by pressing down the shutter partway before taking the picture. I set my camera on the mountain (infinity) most of the time and changes the settings when I need to take closer pictures.

Read your booklet about setting the white balance to adjust for the yellow incandescent lighting. You can also adjust the white balance in post editing.
posted August 19th, 2011
Hey Anne,
I've got an L120...hopefully I can answer your question(s) about it. It is possible to change the ISO on the camera..if you push the menu button the ISO sensitivity option is under there...scroll down to it and push the right arrow, you can then change it by scrolling through and pushing ok on whichever ISO setting you want. I'm not quite sure which does what, I've just recently started experimenting with them myself. My advice is just go through and try all of them, with and/or without the flash. Also, if you are looking on the screen like you are getting ready to take a picture and push the right button you can change the exposure settings...I've found that also helps with some indoor pictures.
posted August 19th, 2011
See if you can adjust the white balance, this should correct the orange tone. You can try to raise the ISO to a higher number for photos with poor lighting. The higher the number, the more sensitive the sensor is to light. However, if you set it too high, you risk having "noise" show up on your photos....Play around with those two options and your indoor photos should be fine.
posted August 19th, 2011
Thank you everyone for all the helpful information, I knew I was'nt doing it quite right. I never even thought about adjusting the white balance, stuff like that still makes me nervious, I'm afraid I'll change it and never get it right again LOL. I'm gonna have to hold another mini photo shoot tonight to try all the new tricks. I'm sure my little hams wont mind posing for me :).
I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks again everyone.
posted August 21st, 2011
Ok, little update, I went through each setting tonight indoors and I will say I did find some that worked better than others (museum setting looked great). Only problem was I went through each picture and checked the spec's and lol every single one said ISO 800. Could that be because every picture was of the same thing (I used a stationary object for test pics). Or is there a set ISO for each setting? Getting better, still confused with changing the ISO. Read the manual cover to cover and not once a mention of ISO changing. Looks like it's back for some more practice.
posted June 15th, 2012
You can adjust the ISO in the settings menu where you do your light balance, I use auto mode that lets you adjust all of the settings yourself instead of the presets. You can adjust your ISO up to 6400.
posted August 18th, 2012
Hi i got the same problem,i just done a few indoor photos with night landscaping with the flash on and looks good for indoor
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