how do you post photos on discussions

posted October 22nd, 2011
how do you post photos on discussions.
i have tried but can't do it
posted October 22nd, 2011
You go to your photo.. select all of the part in the share box, copy and paste ...
That should do it.
posted October 22nd, 2011
If you are trying to post from your project use the 'share' box on the left, cut and paste the code in there, I did that for the pic below, and a very nice pic it is too!

I'm sure others will let you know how to post photo's from Flickr etc, but the easiest way is to upload it into an old date for your project and use the method above.

Happy Posting!
posted October 22nd, 2011
@charli321 thanks
posted October 22nd, 2011
posted October 23rd, 2011
Woo you did it
posted January 27th, 2012
posted December 27th, 2012
it keeps saying "invalid data" when i try & post the link from the share box???
posted December 29th, 2012

I'm having exactly the same problem, Mel.
posted December 29th, 2012
@lindaraymond I think it was just a glitch, I'm doing the same thing I was then & it's working now :)
posted January 1st, 2013
Huh, that's what is happening to me now too. Did it resolve itself before or did you all do somthing different?
posted January 1st, 2013
I'm getting invalid data too. sad face :(
posted January 3rd, 2013
posted January 3rd, 2013
I've been trying to figure that out forever. Should have known to look under discuss. Yay!!!!
posted August 8th, 2017
i have the same problem... "invalid data". since yesterday. and cannot solve it... did this resolve by itself? or did you activate any options??
posted September 8th, 2017
Same issue with invalid data. Posting from iPhone in Chrome. Will try Safari. If I don't post back, assume it did not work either.
posted October 30th, 2017
When posting an img src make sure the source URL is https:// (secure).

posted January 1st, 2018
I did it by changing the https to http on the href (but not in the img src)

posted January 5th, 2018
Testing the process :)
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