Purple is my favourite colour. I like it more than blue and red combined.

I'm back! And finally feeling well enough to chase flies around and post and comment. Sorry for the mass uploads guys ( I have to catch up as I have been in hospital for the past 2 weeks with a bacterial blood infection!)
You make me smile with your fun!. Lovely fly color!
posted June 29th, 2016  
Oh my goodness. Glad to hear you are ok!
posted June 29th, 2016  
Oh my, I thought perhaps you were vacationing but not so much it seems! Welcomes back and hope you feel better each day.

Excellent capture BTW!
posted June 29th, 2016  
that sounds serious! thank goodness for hospitals. lovely photo and title
posted June 29th, 2016  
Great colours, glad you are feeling better!
posted June 29th, 2016  
Ok you nailed this! Fabulous! I am SO glad you are back, but wth, a bacterial blood infection! That sounds completely undesirable. I hope you are feeling 100% soon?
posted June 29th, 2016  
Nice detail on this.
posted June 29th, 2016  
This is a terrific shot. Love the color of this fly.
Glad you are feeling better. What a terrible way to end a fun trip!
posted June 29th, 2016  
Oh sorry to hear that, hope you're better now. I've had trouble with my eyes recently so not been posting much myself. Purple is also one of my favourite colours. This is lovely against the green, nice contrast.
posted June 29th, 2016  
These contrasting colours are just lovely. Hope you soon feel completely recovered.
posted June 29th, 2016  
Welcome back!
posted June 29th, 2016  
Glad to hear you are well
posted June 29th, 2016  
Oh my gosh! I didn't know you were in the hospital!! Glad you are better but you relaly need to let us know these things BEFORE you are better so we can send encouragement to you.

I have never seen a purple striped fly before. I had to give it a FAV for the color alone! The pun was phenomenal too
posted June 29th, 2016  
Awesome macro.
posted June 30th, 2016  
oh no....so sorry to hear you have been in hospital!! Hope you have fully recovered - sending you get well wishes :)

What a magnificent looking fly...such beautiful colours & captured brilliantly. Welcome back, have wondered why you hadn't been posting :)
posted June 30th, 2016  
Immediate fav! Best wishes for a 100% recovering!
posted June 30th, 2016  
Never seen a fly with purple stripes, very different and a very lovely capture too. I glad you are recovered now Disha, look forward to seeing your pics again.
posted July 1st, 2016  
Good to hear you're feeling better. Awesome image!
posted July 1st, 2016  
Glad you are feeling better and back at capturing the world around you. I am your get pushed challenge partner for the week. My challenge to you is one I had a few weeks back: Flashback from this picture and do the opposite of what you get.

Open this photo and look in the "Photo Details" Box. There is a line that reads "Flashback." Click on "View." It will take you to your assigned photo. Capture a subject that is the opposite of that photo. Have fun and enjoy the process.

FYI: if you are not able to do the first photo you come to, return here, and click on "Flashback" again. It will select a different photo. I hope this will work for you.
posted July 4th, 2016  
hi Disha... are you still around and playing get pushed? i hope you are ok... sounds like one heckuva scare to be stuck in hospital with a blood infection! for your challenge this week if you're up for playing, how about starting with a pun as inspiration for a shot rather than the other way around? here's a website with some suggestions:
posted July 10th, 2016  
Fav. Lovely capture of this electric shade of purple.
posted July 16th, 2016  
Missing your beautiful colorful images. Missing those terrific puns too. I hope you are absent because of good things happening!
posted July 17th, 2016  
I wish thinking about you today Disha, I miss your pictures and your funny titles. I really hope you are keeping well anyway and will be back posting with again sometime soon.
posted August 11th, 2016  
As far as flies go, that is probably the prettiest one I have ever seen!
posted August 25th, 2016  
Still missing you. and your amazing photography
posted August 26th, 2016  
posted September 25th, 2016  
come back!
posted February 20th, 2017  
glad you are recovering and yes, the purple colored fly and bright green leaf are arresting
posted March 1st, 2017  
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