Zebu wagon

We saw a lot of these carts in Madagascar - hauling all sorts of things. What was astounding though was how many hand drawn carts. Even saw young children hauling heavy bricks in hand drawn carts.
Interesting image and narrative. I like the edit as well :)
posted October 12th, 2017  
Thi sis a good natural scene - the horse and cart plus man are nicely focused!
posted October 12th, 2017  
You've captured the atmosphere beautifully. Fav
posted October 12th, 2017  
It's good to see that the shoeless chap blazing a durry has his priorities straight.
posted October 12th, 2017  
Great capture
posted October 12th, 2017  
I don't know why, but I always imagined Madagascar to be a lush tropical rain forest.
posted October 13th, 2017  
A great candid shot from this part of the world.
posted October 13th, 2017  
fabulous story-telling image ... love the colors, light, background ...fav
posted October 13th, 2017  
Great shot.
posted October 13th, 2017  
Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures from your trip.
posted October 13th, 2017  
This is an awesome image - the main characters say so much - and then the wonderful muted buildings in the background complete the story. So well done!
posted October 13th, 2017  
Great image.
posted October 13th, 2017  
Fascinating image with much to see and wonder about.
posted October 13th, 2017  
A great candid capture, nicely focused.
posted October 13th, 2017  
Ditto @deborah63.
Great shot.
posted October 13th, 2017  
This is masterful. I love the high-key background and the contrast of the the cart and animals. I have really enjoyed the pictures from your trip!
posted October 14th, 2017  
It's such a different culture. Thanks for sharing with your photos.
posted October 16th, 2017  
@hermann Thanks Sally - actually I don't think I edited this one at all - SOOC
@maggiemae Thanks for commenting Maggie
@callapix Thanks so much for your comment - appreciated.
@nearlyincontrol Haha - like that!
@777margo Thank you Margo!
@deborah63 Parts of it are - but certainly some dry bits too
@littleconnie Thanks Connie :-)
@moonmtn Thank you Kahsia :-[)
@joysfocus Thank you - it was my pleasure. I'm glad you enjoyed them.
@robz Thanks Rob - what a lovely comment - thanks for taking the time to do this.
@jamibann Thank you Issi
@s4sayer Thanks Margo - the whole place was fascinating - so much to see. It actually became sensory overload!!
@craftymeg Thanks Margaret
@cmsch52 Thanks Carol
@eudora Thanks Diane so glad you enjoyed the pictures. One thing I should have explained in the narrative was that the high key background was caused by smoke from the fires that are burning/curing the bricks.
@888rachel It certainly is a different culture - and very poor. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos!
posted October 25th, 2017  
Nice rural scene.
posted October 30th, 2017  
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