Wigeons, Wakes, and Reflections by dmariewms

Wigeons, Wakes, and Reflections

First time I have been close enough to get a decent shot of them when there wasn't a bush in the way. I thought it was quite nice of them to swim through the reflection. The wake shows just how fast these little guys can move. Got Dad's old Pentax, film and batteries. This weekend I won't need to be so close. Now, here's hoping that the gaskets, etc., in the camera are still intact, and that I have the patience to wait for the developing.
So cute!
December 10th, 2011  
Great capture! I love the reflections:-) Have fun with the Pentax!
December 10th, 2011  
Wow- great shot! I love how I've got to really look closely to see the ducks- they blend in so well with the reflections!
December 10th, 2011  
Lovely shot Great capture
December 10th, 2011  
Beautiful reflections and colors and lots of details to look at. I' d love to hear how your experiment with film goes.
December 10th, 2011  
Wonderful capture! Love the Vee shapes repeated.
December 10th, 2011  
The reflections are amazing and I like the birds - especially with the green dash of colour on the heads of some. Would they be the males?
December 13th, 2011  
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