Not Ready For This.....

Day 111----Apparently Miranda has an admirer because after school today she showed me these flowers and a homemade card that she received for her birthday (which is Sunday) from a boy in her band class. He also made her a flower using colorful duct tape. Even though she has received a gift from a boy before (last year's brithday) this one just seemed more serious. I think because he took the time to make a card and wrote some very sweet words about how he likes her personality and how he likes how she's kind to everyone. She was petty happy about it but I'm just not ready for this....I'm not ready for my baby girl to grow up!!! :)

Today I'm thankful for....

1. finished quite a bit of grading
2. rain to cool things off
3. the weekend
4. I dropped one pants size!! :)
5. Miranda's kindness to others
That is very sweet though :)
posted April 21st, 2012  
Oh wow, that must mean something to go to that trouble to express one's creative side. That time sneaks up on all of us.
posted April 21st, 2012  
Nothing to worry about, Della! She'll always be your baby girl! :)
posted April 21st, 2012  
Even being an old married woman with children, I'm still my mama and daddy's baby girl. Don't worry too much - you've raised her right and you should be proud... especially since the things he highlighted about her are wonderful things indeed. Personality and kindness shining above all else.
posted April 21st, 2012  
Send me his prints and a glass he has drank from and I will check him out for you
posted April 21st, 2012  
@sarasdadandmom LOL very funny :)
posted April 23rd, 2012  
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