Mother's Day 2012

Day 134----I had a wonderful Mother's Day. After attending church with the kids, we went out to eat and they used THEIR OWN MONEY to pay for lunch!!! I thought that was sooo sweet!! :) Addie gave me a new watch and Eddie gave me some roses. Unfortunately, Trevor had to go to work after lunch but I'm thankful he was able to spend some time with me. Eddie, the girls, and I went shopping for a little while and then we headed to the Skeeter's baseball game ( we saw Trevor directing traffic!!). The game was a lot of fun and I participated (along with about 250 other moms) in the Diamond Dig at the end of the game. We each had a spoon and we dug in the dirt between first and thrid base looking for a one carat diamond. Of course I didn't win, but I had a blast anyway!! :) Today was very special and I'm so blessed to be the mother of Trevor, Addie, and Miranda. They are my world and I love them so very much.

Today I'm thankful for...

1. my children
2. my children's thoughtfulness
3. spending time together
4. my mom---the best mom ever!!
5. roses from Eddie
Beautiful shot
posted May 14th, 2012  
those kids have the greatest smiles, glad you had a good time
posted May 14th, 2012  
Oh yes, that in itself is a treat isn't it. It's a wonderful photo.
posted May 14th, 2012  
Oh my goodness, you can't deny a one of them! It's great that you got them all together for this shot - especially since Trevor will be graduating and heading off to college soon!
posted May 14th, 2012  
Nice family portrait.
posted May 14th, 2012  
Beautiful treasure of a photo. So good to hear that you had a lovely Mother's Day
posted May 14th, 2012  
Nice Mother's Day photo! We were at the Skeeters game too! That was my Mother's Day present. It was our first time there. Nice stadium. I'm sure it will be a favorite destination of ours. It's so much more laid back than the major league park.
posted May 14th, 2012  
@superdex did you participate in the Diamond Dig??? :)
posted May 14th, 2012  
It sounds like a fantastic time! Happy Mother's Day!
posted May 14th, 2012  
Wonderful picture of all of you!
posted May 15th, 2012  
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