Senior Night by dmrams

Senior Night

Tonight before the basketball game, the players were announced, along with their parents. For the seniors, a short bio was given sharing information about each girl's history playing basketball and plans for the future. Before we walked across the court, Miranda gave me a sweet letter expressing her appreciation for all my love and support.I still can't believe this night has finally arrived---seems like only yesterday she was five years old and just learning how to play the game. My friend Patrice was there and she took pictures for me!! I decided to use one that included Miranda's dad and step-mom because no matter what, we are all her family. Unfortunately, the game did not end well. We ended up losing by one point, so we dropped to second place, Miranda had one of her best games though because she fought hard both on offense and defense, and scored 10 points. We have one more game Tuesday and then the playoffs begin!! At school, during my last class, I was observed by one of the principals. I don't think I did very well because the kids and I were tired, but at least it's over with!! This has been an extremely busy week, so I'm very happy tomorrow is Saturday.

Today I'm thankful for...

1. my observation is done
2. Miranda's letter
3. the pride I feel walking across the basketball court with my "baby girl"
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