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I began my project on 1st January 2013, using a point-and-shoot camera on auto, with limited editing. Two years later I was using a Nikon D7100, and editing with Lightroom and Nik Efex Pro software. Now (2017) I still find the Nikon easier to use, but it's quite heavy, so I invested last year in an Olympus OMD-EM10ii, a micro four thirds camera which is much lighter though takes some very good photos.

During my first couple of years on 365, I learnt a huge amount, from books, online photography sites, magazines from fellow 365-ers. I found a new interest which proved to be both challenging and rewarding, at times all-encompassing, at others frustrating and disappointing. I learnt new terms, new skills and techniques, and different approaches, and I made new virtual and non-virtual friends.

Once I made the TT: http://365project.org/dolphin/365/2014-04-10 - an achievement probably never to be repeated - but I've had a number of shots onto the PP, and am grateful to Alexis Birkill for creating a programme that brings all those since April 2013 together. See: http://alexisbirkill.com/365project/popularpage/getuserdetails.php?username=dolphin

Being part of 365 stimulated me to try many different genres of photography, though I find I am drawn more towards landscape photography, with interests in both 'natural' and built environments. At the moment my focus is on pattern, shape and texture: a range of these images is displayed on my website: http://www.mollywarrington.uk

About halfway through 2014 I let up on the intensity of taking and posting a shot every day and in February 2016 I decided to take a break from 365 alogether. Since then I have enjoyed taking photos when I wanted to, rather than because I needed something to post. Unfortunately, I had an enforced break from photography itself in the latter part of 2016, when I became very ill. Now, in March 2017, there's still some way to go, but I'm beginning to get out with my camera again, and thought I'd give 365 another go.

I enjoy the interaction on 365, and the relationships that can develop, and although I don't always immediately follow everyone who follows me, I do follow people back if they are interested enough to comment on my shots now and again.