Burnt down

Some of the installations at the Prada Foundation were simply irresistible to a photographer's eye. These pieces of furniture burnt down were one.
The visitor entering the frame from the far left is the icing on a (not so commestibile, though) cake!
Your visitor really does invite the imagination to create a story from this scene. Somewhat bizarre, and fascinating.
posted October 22nd, 2018  
Yes the figure creates the story - interesting installation - nicely photographed
posted October 23rd, 2018  
kind of depressing though. Must go and check in person!
posted October 23rd, 2018  
The slump of the figure's shoulders just tops of the work.
posted October 23rd, 2018  
The visitor's body-language is a great addition to an already intriguing image.
posted October 23rd, 2018  
@helenhall I think the artist found a very interesting technique: the furniture was completely wrapped in chicken wire before setting fire to it. The result are shapes devoid of function, ghosts of things, I found it fascinating indeed.
@hrs Thanks, Helen!
@caterina You have to, it's a great place. I didn't find it depressing, actually. Matter for thought, however.
@joysabin Thank you very much, Joy!
@golftragic Thank you, Marnie! Actually, without the visitor, the picture would be entirely credited to the artist!
posted October 23rd, 2018  
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