2.18 He's longing for...

Second last photo of the "Rebellion" series - how many of you did not shot a riotous self portrait and tagged it "fiveplustwo-rebellion" yet?
And for the flash of red composition week.
And, since it is again Leica III (1934), Leitz Summar 5cm f:2 (1935), TMax400 scanned, also for ff17!
I like this tiny pup, very cute in this big street shot!
posted February 24th, 2017  
@kerosene Sadly, his sight has been swallowed by the shadow... He looked like saying "Why am I here?"
posted February 24th, 2017  
Well acquainted with this look! Methinks dogs have intense private lessons on manipulating their owners and/or some special cocktail from mothers' milk.
posted March 18th, 2017  
@s4sayer haha, agreed! You should see my poor Ala these days: she has undergone several surgeries last Thursday (7 cysts under her skin to be removed)... and even if she looks like Frankenstein with a lampshade on her head, you meet her eyes and your heart melts with no escape!
posted March 18th, 2017  
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