Awakening at the last floor by domenicododaro

Awakening at the last floor

Again, a SOOC image, only with the slightest crop. An incredible early morning (6:36 a.m.). I wonder who - apart myself, of course - is waking up early.
This image is (almost) tempting me to get up at the crack of dawn!
June 6th, 2019  
Am surprised how dark it is at 6h30 given that Rome is significantly further south than Paimpont and in the same time zone, GMT +2h
June 6th, 2019  
So sharp. And so full of atmosphere. Fav
June 6th, 2019  
Another great capture of light...I'm usually up by 6:30am here in Seattle.
June 6th, 2019  
Love the morning light on the building. Early morning is such a great time to be out and about.
June 7th, 2019  
This most exciting moment when you have this light. You are rewarded for getting up early.
June 7th, 2019  
amazing light again (and I'm usually awake and doing at 6:36am)
June 7th, 2019  
@fbailey It's not always that way... Thank you!
@s4sayer You are right to be surprised. That day the sky was black with thunder clouds.
@caterina Thank you, Caterina!
@seattlite Morning hours are good. Only, I feel sleepy but can't sleep longer. Thanks a lot!
@golftragic It is! Thank you!
@yaorenliu Thank you. There are some days in Rome it's this way even later...
@shannejw Just like myself and the family living on the last floor in that building... Thank you!
June 7th, 2019  
Love the mood
June 7th, 2019  
This is fantastic morning light, it’s worth getting up early, just not every day:)
June 7th, 2019  
@blueberry1222 thank you!
@angelikavr indeed, on both accounts! thanks!
June 9th, 2019  
Plenty of shutters wide open for an early morning start here. I wish I was able to be up and alert at this time. The light is, again, spectacular over these homes - it is a great time - before the day arrives.
June 16th, 2019  
@helenhall thanks a lot, Helen!
June 18th, 2019  
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