Chronicles from the street #1 by domenicododaro

Chronicles from the street #1

Driving with his left hand and talking on the phone with the right. Just like many parents used to drove big SUVs when still it was permitted to bring kids to school. Back then, when schools were open.
«Go figure, Malick, I heard a guy saying I’m lucky, ‘coz I can ride my bike for work».

Changing lens for the next fortnight: Leica Summicron-M 35mm f:2 ASPH. A street photographer’s dream.
Looking forward with great anticipation to a Rome shots. I was there some years ago with a small group invited by our priest. As an early bird, l used to go out early. I saw stalls opening for coffee and soft drinks, youth at bus stops waiting for school/college buses, scooters galore...and above everyone I spoke/mimed to...assisted me with patience and politesse. The Museum of Criminology was an real eye much to see, very few visitors and a fascinating experience. Needs must return.
April 4th, 2020  
Great b&w image and capture of light
April 4th, 2020  
Hopefully this young man is taking advantage of the empty streets with this dangerous behavior. I see so many just walking across streets while looking down at their phones oblivious of cars and trucks. Having been hit by a turning car a few years back, while crossing a street I now have a healthy lack of trust of drivers. My injuries were minimal but the lesson learned keeps me safer now.

Very wonderful capture of the current conditions. Also I like how he leads my eye into the frame.
April 4th, 2020  
Love the way the cyclist is only just coming in to shot, excellent
April 5th, 2020  
Love the composition of this shot and, of course, the story-telling.
April 5th, 2020  
Great image and composition, lets hope he doesn't need to use that wheelchair-friendly bus-stop with this dangerous driving style. In The Netherlands you can now get fined for using a mobile phone while riding a bike.
April 5th, 2020  
@s4sayer You must return, absolutely! That would be fabulous!
@seattlite Thank you very much!
@joysabin They do it all the time, actually, getting messages for the next order, maybe. I was hit by a car, too, several years ago. No injuries and I was not using a phone, but scary all the same!
@graemestevens Thank you, Graeme!
@golftragic Thanks a lot!
@leonbuys83 You noticed it, thank you! I was worried nobody would see the connection between the bike and the wheelchair: for me it’s it that makes the photo!
April 5th, 2020  
No matter what the circumstances, idiocy will always find a way to manifest itself!
April 6th, 2020  
@vignouse We have a said - a little bit rude, admittedly - saying “the idiots’ mother is always pregnant”!
April 6th, 2020  
Exactly how not to ride a bike!
April 6th, 2020  
@lostphojo Agreed!
April 7th, 2020  
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