april 15 | blood moon

hat really turned out quite well
posted April 16th, 2014  
Oh wow, that did turn out well! I just couldn't stay up long enough to shoot it. I don't think I could do it justice anyhow.
posted April 16th, 2014  
Which lens did you use, out of curiosity?
posted April 16th, 2014  
Paula, I was using the 70-200mm lens. It came out pretty well. I get envious of those folks with the super powerful lenses, but then I remember I don't want to carry those around LOL. This took some trial and error and some Googling. I get frustrated with the nighttime photography. Not only am I far sighted and need my glasses to see the moon, my close vision is also getting worse so the combination + the darkness stinks when trying to finagle the camera settings!
posted April 16th, 2014  
Yeah, I've pretty much given up on a decent moon shot, myself:)
posted April 17th, 2014  
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