Toy Squirrel Artwork

2018.10.19 Friday: I worked through a couple of Photoshop tutorials today ...One was on using the Background Removal tool (I had never realized that the Photoshop CS2 that I've had for years had this feature!); the other was a tutorial on adding a grunge texture to the background.

The toy squirrel and feeder are a seasonal display at the botanical gardens. I took a pic of this on a recent visit, and thought that it would make a cute subject with which to try these tutorials.

I'm not certain that I would use these features often, but it is fun to play with them on occasion!
I've forgotten about that tool.
posted October 19th, 2018  
My program also allows me to change out the background. I haven't used it a lot but it does come in handy every once in a while. That's a fun hanger- or should I say funny? And the grunge texture works well with the subject. Good job on working with your tutorials!
posted October 20th, 2018  
Fav. Well done. I'm not aware of this processing tool in Photoshop. Very often I don't manage to follow these tutorials, probably because of the technical words they use.
posted October 20th, 2018  
Well done
posted October 20th, 2018  
Well done. Photoshop got so many features to enhance your images. A never ending learning curve.
posted October 21st, 2018  
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