Matthew's Birthday

2017.10.26 Thursday: Today my oldest son turned 33 years old.

Matthew was our "miracle baby" ...Back in 1984 when I became pregnant with him I had complications that made my doctors certain that I would not be able to carry him to full-term; so they prepared me for the worst. However, we and all of our church prayed, and Matthew was born such a perfect baby that our pediatrician gave him a 10/10 on the APGAR scale! We named him "Matthew" because that name means "Gift of God."

Today Matthew is a wonderful young man working on his PhD in Mechanical engineering.

To celebrate his birthday today, I cooked his favorite meal (Spaghetti Bolognese) and prepared our traditional Birthday Brownies. The recipe on the box called for topping the brownies with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows to make them "S'mores brownies," so we tried that and found it quite rich!

All-in-all, Matthew had a wonderful birthday, and I had a wonderful day remembering how blessed my family is!
How lovely to read your story. I particular like that you named him Matthew and for that particular reason. In Malta in my days all the children were named after saints at baptism. Now they give them some very unrealistic names, some even on the verge of stupidity and ridicule. Having said that I really like your shot. All pasta dishes are favourites here - that is obvious because pasta is very linked with the Mediterranea.
posted October 27th, 2017  
Lovely positive story. Happy birthday to Matthew.
posted October 27th, 2017  
Lovely heart warming story. Happy Birthday Matthew
posted October 27th, 2017  
What a great story and testimony. We named our younger son Christopher because it meant "Christ-bearer". The brownies sound delish! I'm glad you had such a nice day and celebration. Yummy shot!
posted October 28th, 2017  
Absolutely loved reading your narrative, Dinah! Such a special "miracle baby" story! It sounds like Matthew had a fantastic birthday. These "S'mores Brownies" sound and look delicious! :-)
posted October 28th, 2017  
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