Creatures and Critters, Week 20 by dsp2

Creatures and Critters, Week 20

For my Seasons Change album: Creatures and Critters, Week 20 (May 14-20, 2017) -- We were in Pensacola, Florida for most of Week 20. I saw a good many birds, and even added several more to my Birding Life List!

One of my most impressive sightings was an osprey nest: There were 2 adult ospreys and 2 juveniles on the nest. The nest was up quite high, and I was not able to get very close -- but I did manage to get a pic of one of the ospreys looking over the nest. It was quite exciting!

To name a few, I saw Laughing gulls, Sanderlings, Rock doves/pigeons, Common nighthawks, Boat-tailed and Common grackles, Brown pelicans, and Green herons. In addition, we saw several rabbits while walking and hiking.

We spent a good bit of time outdoors, and enjoyed seeing so many creatures and critters!
Terrific collection :)
May 28th, 2017  
A lovely collection of creatures :)
May 28th, 2017  
Great collage
May 28th, 2017  
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